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Introducing the first of its kind dial-in resistance cable system - the KayeZen Vector - a portable, lightweight strength training system that can offer a uniquely wide range of resistance from 10 lbs. to 120 lbs. with a simple twist of a dial.

The secret is the revolutionary design of the Vector capsule and the specialized resistance cables inside. Each Vector capsule holds 8 specialized resistance cables. Turn the dial to Level One and pick up resistance from 4 internal cables. Level Two on the dial grabs 2 additional cables for more resistance, and Level Three grabs all 8 internal resistance cables. Due to its quickly adjustable and impressive resistance range, the Vector provides a lightweight, portable alternative to cable-based machine exercises all while occupying ZERO floor space, indoors or out. Read more here.



At its most basic level, the Vector is a lightweight, portable dial-in resistance cable system featuring:

  • Quick set-up that can be used anywhere there is an appropriate anchor that can accept a carabiner
  • Immediate, on-demand ability to change weight/resistance levels with the simple turn of a dial
  • Resistance provided by specialized, lightweight cables reinforced with Kevlar® fibers
  • Every swap of resistance cables allow the Vector to be configured with weight ranges of 10 to over 110 lbs.
  • Reduced snap-back risk with the dual design of the Vector cylinder and Kevlar® reinforced resistance cables
  • Seamless integration with your favorite cable attachment handles expanding the Vector's versatility and exercise options
Therefore, the Vector can ultimately provide access to resistance cable exercises in studio classes, outdoor boot camps, and other places throughout a facility where large cable machines simply cannot go.


1. Enhance Member Engagement & Retention: New exercises, free app, additional programming

2. Enhance Safety: Reduced snap-back risk and wear and tear

3. Space & Budget Optimization: ZERO footprint, scalable training solution

4. Save Time: Single, compact tool, widest variety of resistance

5. Elevate & Differentiate Your Brand Experience: Quality design, state-of-the-art engineering







Looking for a new product with innovative programming? Not sure which set is right for you? Want a custom quote? Fill out the form below to let a Vector Specialist help!



How is the KayeZen Vector different from a TRX Suspension Trainer?
TRX is a suspension trainer. All exercises are based on an individual's body weight and the angles in which an exercise is performed. The Vector is a resistance trainer that can be attached from multiple angles and delivers a wider range of exercises that are typically performed with a cable rack and pulley system or traditional resistance bands. When used together, the Vector can become a strength engine for TRX or any other suspension trainer. As a result, the Vector can add an extensive variety of exercise options for any training facility that already owns TRX or similar equipment.

How often should the resistance cables be replaced?
KayeZen Vector 45: every 9-12 months
KayeZen Vector 60: every 9-12 months
KayeZen Vector Group X: every 4-6 months

How many units are needed/recommended to star out for an average class?
Our recommended Commercial Solution comes with everything you need for your group fitness classes and includes:

The PowerPack (available in 45 and 60) contains 20 Vector Resistance Cables, 10 light and 10 heavy. Each Vector cylinder holds 8 resistance cables. The PowerPack allows you to customize the resistance configuration of each Vector to Light, Medium, or Heavy. For example:
Light = 8 Light cables
Medium = 6 Light cables + 2 Heavy cables
Heavy = 4 Light cables + 4 Heavy cables

What is the warranty of the Vector?
One year on the Vector assembly, 60 days on the Vector Resistance cables.

What kind of exercises can you do?
A nearly unlimited number of exercises can be performed using the KayeZen Vector. Check our our FREE mobile app available for download on iOS or Android (App coming soon!).

Where do I download the App?
You can get the Vector app by searching "Power Systems" in the app store, or follow the links here: iOS, Android

Is licensing or certification required to host Vector classes?
There are not any licensing or certification requirements to host a class. An 8-hour certification course with CEC's will soon be available if you want to learn how to best get started using and teaching KayeZen Vector.