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Body Rollers

Body Rollers

Enjoy the benefits of body rolling with the body roller and related equipment from Power Systems
A body roller and accessories can be used to improve alignment of the spinal joints (fascia), increase flexibility, and aid in circulation. The high density foam roller provides a deep massage while myo-therapy balls are used to create myofascial release by targeting specific trigger points. A foam roller is an affordable type of body roller that is also highly effective at relieving pain in soft tissue and muscles. When athletes build up scar tissue and adhesions from sports injuries, a high density foam roller can be used to break up the scar tissue. The affordability of a foam body roller makes it convenient to use at home or at the gym. Power Systems offers a wide variety of exercise rollers to accommodate the individual needs of athletes who require different levels of intensity.

What are the different types of body rollers used in body rolling?
Different types of body rollers are available for different uses. One type is made with a grid and is firm on the inside while offering a soft layer for softness against your skin. This type of body roller is best for serious massages after an injury. Molded foam rollers are made of tiny beads that compress into a solid log after they are used. A molded foam roller is extra durable while EVA rollers offer a lot of pressure, maintain their shape, and are highly portable. A high density foam roller is often used by serious athletes to get the most intense muscle workout. On the lower end of the spectrum, a low-density foam roller is a good choice in a roller for those who require a less-intensive muscle workout and who want a less expensive option. Getting the right body roller allows you to get maximum results from your body rolling session.

What other body rolling equipment should I try besides a foam body roller?
Power Systems offers a variety of body rolling equipment including body rollers, inflatables, and balls that are useful for myofascial release and deep muscle massage. Stability balls are ideal for improving core stability and intensifying exercise by requiring the user to maintain their balance while performing reps. This increases the number of muscles used during exercise. The Physioball DVD is a valuable resource for fitness instructors and coaches alike who incorporate stability balls into their practice or training. Our myo-release balls are also effective tools for body rolling that help to equalize muscle tension throughout the body. These balls from Power Systems are lightweight, uncrushable, and maintain their shape.
A body roller offers a variety of benefits to athletes and non-athletes alike. The variety of body rolling equipment at Power Systems includes the variety of products needed for deep massage, less-intense massage, and for equalizing muscle tension. A high-density foam roller is the best choice for athletes who require deep massage while a low-density foam roller is the least expensive and least intensive choice in body rollers.