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Mind and Body

Power Systems Is Your Best Source for the Mind-Body Exercise Equipment You Need
An important trend appeared in the last half of the twentieth century, in which facilities previously used only for exercising and training the body also began to offer classes on more mental forms of development. Starting with yoga and meditation and expanding over the years to include such disciplines as Tai Chi and Pilates, these types of classes put new demands on the owners and developers of modern cutting-edge training facilities. You used to be able to buy everything your clients needed at a sporting goods store, but where do you go when you need mats, blocks and straps for a yoga class, or when you need specialized equipment for a Pilates course? Fortunately, you can still go directly to Power Systems, because we carry as much equipment to help train your mind as we do equipment to train your body.

What Kind of Equipment Do the New "Mind Body Fitness" Classes Require?
Owners of training facilities whose equipment needs once were limited to free weights, dumbbells, cardio workout equipment and weight-training equipment may be excused for feeling a little confused when they suddenly have to find equipment for a new "Mind Body Fitness" class. Fortunately, Power Systems still offers "one stop shopping" for such items. Whether you are looking for mats for your new yoga classes or foam rollers, body bars, and exercise rings for your Mind and Body Pilates classes, we still carry everything you need. We even carry the "little things" you never think of when you first set up such classes, such as racks and shelves in which to neatly store all of this equipment between classes. We also carry the instructional books, DVDs and posters that your clients who are attending these new classes will need.

This Trend towards "Integrated" Mind-Body Training is Not Only Not Going Away, It's Going to Become More Universal
As professionals in the art of helping people to stay fit and healthy, we have to recognize that "the times they are a'changing" and that these days even professional football teams offer meditation and yoga classes to their players and there are Pilates instructors supporting almost every country's Olympic teams. You really can't operate a facility these days that offers people a chance to improve the health of their bodies without also offering them the opportunity to improve their minds. So when you need equipment for your own mind body fitness offerings, remember that the professionals at Power Systems have got you covered by stocking the items you need, just as we always have in the past.