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Weight Benches

Weight Benches

Target Muscles and Support the Body with Weight Benches
Weight benches from Power Systems can play an important role in fitness facilities and even in home-based fitness. Weight benches may seem like a simple matter, but they actually provide a range of advantages to both new and experienced weight lifters. For example, new folks may struggle to remember the proper positioning, technique, posture and breathing for each type of lift, and using a weight lifting bench can be helpful to provide stability and prevent falls while holding weights. Weight bench sets can support a complete range of exercises to provide a well-rounded workout.

What Other Advantages Are There to Weight Benches?
For more experienced lifters, weight benches provide support for lifting heavy weights. These heavy weights could throw off the lifter’s balance, and the bench offers the cushioned strength needed to complete the exercise. This way, the lifter can focus on form and technique, without stressing about losing balance or control. Using a weight bench also allows you to target angles of the muscle as well as harder to reach parts of the routine. For example, gym benches aid with hyperextension, which supports the core. You can also more easily target certain muscle areas such as the rear deltoid, than you can while standing. A weight lifting bench is multi-purpose, and can also be used as a step or a platform, and therefore is a space-saving device. Folding weight benches are also available, which are particularly useful in small spaces such as home gyms.

What Types of Weight Benches Does Power Systems Offer?
From our economy bench to the Pro-Maxima series of benches and machines, Power Systems offers the widest range of weight benches and weight bench sets on the market. Most of our benches have wheels for easy transport and many are adjustable, to provide flat, incline and decline angles to support a broad range of exercises (and to provide space savings when not needed). Your choices will depend on your fitness goals or those of your clients or patients. A simple bench can go a long way towards providing most of the support needed for a full weight lifting routine; however more multi-functional benches provide further support for proper form and technique, which can be particularly useful for beginning weight lifters. Whatever your weightlifting goals, Power Systems has weight lifting benches for sale that will help you reach those objectives.