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Exercise Mats

Exercise Mats

Choose from our wide selection of exercise mats for all of your mat based workout routines. We have mats that are specially designed for a wide variety of fitness regime including yoga, pilates, stretching, and hanging exercise mats. Power Systems also offers several mat storage solutions, carry bags and mat carts.

Premium Hanging Club Mat

$41.92 - $59.89

Premium Yoga Sticky Mats

Premium Yoga Sticky Mats

$24.13 - $31.80

Hanging Club Mat

$30.59 - $50.33

Premium Club Mats

$47.68 - $57.58

Exercise Mat: Cushion and Protect with Power Systems Floor Mats

Club Mats

$13.62 - $45.38

Reebok Studio Mat

Reebok Studio Mat Light Grey/Black


Metal Wall Mounted Mat Rack

Metal Wall Mounted Mat Rack


Reebok Yoga Mat

Reebok Yoga Mat

$25.95 Sale


$49.99 - $60.99

Premium Gym Mats

Premium Gym Mat

$104.12 - $238.43

AIREX® Corona Mats

$139.99 - $148.99

All-purpose, Fitness / Pilates Mats offers 1/8; padded surface and insulation for floor exercises. Closed-cell foam structure provides durability and comfort. Fitness mats roll up for easy storage.

Economy Club Mats

$8.43 - $22.68

Wall Rack for Hanging Mats

Wall Rack for Hanging Mats


AIREX® Coronella Mat

$89.99 - $98.99

airex fitline 180 mat with eyelets

AIREX® Fitline 180 Mat with Eyelets


Power Systems Single Layer Club Mat

Power Systems Single Layer Club Mat


Airex mat

AIREX® Yoga Pilates Mats


Standing Mat Rack


Mat Storage Cart

Mat Cart


airex  wall mount rack

AIREX® Wall Mount Rack


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