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Vector Sports

Vector Sports

“kaizen” (Japan) = “continuous improvement” 

Vector Sports was started in 2008, after founder Eric Kaye injured his back. During his rehab sessions he noticed many “pain points” of the existing methods, and the concept of a supplement to traditional resistance/range of motion training was born.

Soon Silicon Valley investment banker Eric was joined by a team of engineers, industrial designers, and strategic advisers to concentrate on using best practices to develop what became the Vector resistance cable system. 

The Vector was researched, developed, and honed over 5 years of extensive testing, with prototypes getting real-world use in personal training facilities, commercial gyms, professional athletic teams, military installations, and physical therapy settings. The result was a product that has been issued six patents, with more in the pipeline. 

Even after the commercial launch of the KayeZen Vector in late 2018, Vector Sports is continuing the quest for “kaizen”. 


Vector Carabiner


Vector Long Torso Strap


Vector Wall Rack Anchor


Vector Long Strap Loop Handle


Vector Door Anchor


Vector 60

$273.00 - $357.00

Vector 45

$233.10 - $315.00

Vector GX

$265.65 - $288.75

Vector Thigh Cinch Strap


Vector 60 Inclusive Kit


Vector 45 Inclusive Kit


Vector 60 Replacement Cable Pack

$65.78 - $75.86

Vector 45 Replacement Cable Pack

$57.23 - $67.15

Vector GX Replacement Cable Packs

$65.78 - $69.14

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