Is there a minimum purchase amount required?

The minimum purchase amount for a finance application is $1,500.

How does the application process work?

You can quickly apply online and most applications are notified of approval status within 1-2 business days. If approved, a representative from Geneva Capital will notify you and call to discuss the terms and structure of the payment agreement. Lease documents will be emailed to you directly after with complete instructions. Once the lease documents are submitted complete, Geneva will send a PO to Power Systems for the equipment specified in the documents. Power Systems will provide you with an estimated ship date for your equipment. Upon delivery and installation, you will notify Geneva. Geneva will pay the balance of the equipment to Power Systems, and you will make payments on the equipment to Geneva.

Does leasing equipment require a large down payment?

No, leasing requires little to zero down payment. In some cases, the first and last month’s payment may be required.

What are the terms & conditions?

The minimum purchase amount for a finance application is $1,500 & leasing with Geneva Capital is offered to businesses in the United States only.

How long is a typical finance period for equipment?

Finance agreements range from 12-60 months and the most common financing terms for equipment are 36-60 months.

If my application is approved, how soon do payments begin?

After making your initial down payment (if required), your next payment will not be due until the equipment is delivered to you.

I’m new to this, where can I find more information?

Visit for more information on the financing process.