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AIREX is a leader in the field of closed-cell specialty foam material and the global market leader in gymnasts mats. The brand is backed by more than 50 years of experience in the foam technology field. Tested materials and proven quality in the manufacturing process, this product’s durability lasts… even under tough conditions.

Fitness, holistic training methods and rehabilitation call for first-class quality! AIREX is: Comfortable, Hygienic, Slip-proof, Absorbing, Water Repellent, Flat Placement, Long Lift Span, Multifunctional, and Conforms to CE.

AIREX Balance Pad

AIREX® Balance Pad

$59.99 - $66.99


$49.99 - $60.99

Airex mat

AIREX® Yoga Pilates Mats


airex fitline 180 mat with eyelets

AIREX® Fitline 180 Mat with Eyelets


airex  wall mount rack

AIREX® Wall Mount Rack


AIREX Balance Pad

AIREX® Balance Pad Mini


AIREX® Corona Mats


AIREX® Coronella Mat


AIREX® Balance Beam


AIREX® Balance Pad XL


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