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Use a BOSU to Improve Your Strength, Flexibility, Balance, and More
No gym is complete without a BOSU. These dome shaped tools are a flexible piece of equipment that will add variety and intensity to a wide array of traditional exercises. Durable, lightweight, and easy to transport, BOSU products are easy to work into just about any exercise regimen.

What is a BOSU?
A BOSU balance trainer looks like a traditional exercise ball that is cut in half. Half of the ball is dome shaped and bouncy, while the other half is a flat platform. BOSU products are extremely durable, allowing you to place either side on the floor and use it for a safe, effective, workout.

What Can You Do with a BOSU?
Your BOSU trainer can add a level of difficulty to almost any exercise you can think of. When you use it with the dome side up, it can act as either a step or an exercise ball. Because of its flat, stable surface, you can stand on top of it without falling over. However, you’ll constantly be using small stabilizer muscles in your lower and upper body to stay upright, so even standing still can be a minor workout. Sit or lie on the dome to add variety to your abdominal routine, or use it as an alternative to a traditional weight bench. Flip your BOSU over and you have a flat surface for pushups, squats, balances, and more. Either side decreases stability, increasing the amount of effort you put into balancing, which increases your workout’s intensity.