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Whether you are opening a new studio focused on HIIT workouts, converting an unused racquetball court or renovating an existing free weight space, we have a collection of fitness equipment that has been trusted by the top names in fitness for over 30 years.

Explore how you can count on Power Systems to provide professional-grade products, cutting-edge educational materials, and elite customer service.



Especially with the incorporation of virtual training, group fitness and studio environments have an important role to play in campus recreation. However, your students expect more from their classes now; they want sleek equipment that's easy to clean and an inviting, modern atmosphere with good acoustics.

Power Systems has the widest selection of products designed for studio and group fitness training environments - including cardio pump sets, dumbbells, and kettlebells - so we can help you outfit your studio with stylish new equipment that's on trend. Explore our impressive range of studio products by checking out this 2,000 SF facility.

HIIT Studio

Trying to stand out from the competition? Many studios and health clubs are choosing to include High-Intensity Interval Training areas. You can upgrade your space into the best all-inclusive fitness experience with new programming or equipment, like the Kayezen Vector, encouraging member involvement and excitement.

Where to start? Our most popular HIIT products include bikes, rowers, suspension trainers, and weighted bags. Don’t forget the accents, though. Colorful lighting, walls, and storage racks can help build your brand and create the ambience you want your facility to project.


Weight lifting is more popular than ever before, with many weekend warriors choosing to add Olympic lifts to their training regime. But appearance matters. Your club strength training area shouldn’t feel like an old school weight room. Instead, give your heavy lifters a better workout experience with a sophisticated strength training room.

Our Sierra Strength line comes in a sleek black or you could choose to match your club branding with many popular colors available. We can load your Power Racks with bars, plates, and complementary colored dumbbells and kettlebells. To complete your room, we carry a wide variety of sound dampening flooring tiles or rolls, plus inset or separate lifting platforms.

Care and Cleaning Guide
Equipment for Members at Home Organize Your Space with Innovative Storage

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