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Give your members access to quality fitness equipment from a company they can trust. Pair the programming your members know and love with equipment that takes them beyond body weight training.

If you have a virtual training program you are offering, this is the solution for you. 

Help members to continue their fitness journey with you, whether in the gym or at home

Let your members know that they are in the right place that was created just for them. We’ll put together a landing page specific to your facility with your logo and include a discount code. 


Simple, Fast, Easy. For you and your members. 


Want to personalize even further? We can feature the equipment used in your virtual training programs. This can either be on the landing page, or through a flyer that you email, publish on social media and more. Suggesting equipment for your members is a great way to continue to be a part of their fitness journey, even at home. 

Customer Favorite products

Share with your members the good news – high quality equipment to go along with high quality training is now available. To make your members feel even more VIP, they will have access to an account manager who can answer any questions they might have. 


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