Kettlebells Help Improve Overall Strength, Burn Calories and Improve Performance
Kettlebells are a fun and effective way to improve overall strength and power, and they help burn lots of calories at the same time. Exercises that use kettlebells include squats, snatches, cleans, jerks and more. They’re a safe and interesting alternative to traditional strength training, and they have a strong cardio component as well. What’s not to like about kettlebells? Useful for beginning exercisers and elite athletes, Power Systems has a range of kettlebells and kettlebell sets for sale, ranging from the traditional models to premium sets and competition sets, storage racks and instruction manuals.

What Kind of Benefits do Kettlebell Workouts Offer?
Kettlebells and are an extremely versatile and powerful way to work out. Kettlebell sets let you progressively increase the load and reach your long-term fitness objectives. Some of the specific benefits of using kettlebells include:

  • Calorie burning. The American Council on Exercise says that using kettlebells can burn up to 20 calories per minute.
  • Improved range of motion. Large movements with kettlebells help loosen up the joints and maintain flexibility, which reduces the risk of injury.
  • Both cardio and strength. While significantly improving your strength, you’re also getting a solid cardio workout with kettlebells.
  • Improved functional strength. Kettlebell workouts involve using everyday movements that mimic everyday life activities such as lifting heavy bags, pulling open heavy doors, and reaching things that are up high.
Satisfaction and accomplishment. Working out with kettlebells seems a little intimidating, and it is intense, but it provides an amazing sense of accomplishment because really, anyone can do it!

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Premium Kettlebell

$23.22 - $66.25 Sale


$20.07 - $158.34
Competition Kettlebell

Competition Kettlebell

$53.55 - $153.94 Sale

Ultra Kettlebell

$20.48 - $128.33 Sale

Premium Kettlebell Prime

$37.39 - $106.69
Reebok Kettlebell

Reebok Kettlebell

$56.65 - $99.00 Sale
kor Kettleball

kor Kettleball

$51.74 - $123.15
LifeFitness Kettlebell

LifeFitness Kettlebell

$48.95 - $106.95
Kettlebell Storage Rack

Club Premium Kettlebell Rack

Hammer Strength Kettlebell

Hammer Strength Kettlebell

$48.95 - $139.95
Premium Kettlebell Rack

Studio Premium Kettlebell Rack

Competition Kettlebell

ProElite Competition Kettlebell

$91.07 - $116.63
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