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Federal Supply Service

Authorized Federal Supply Schedule Price List

GSA Advantage

Power Systems (PS), LLC
5700 Casey Drive
Knoxville, TN  37909

GSA Contract: # GS-03F-016DA
Phone: 800.321.6975

Fax: 800.298.2057

Purchase online at: or use the government online ordering address of GSA Advantage website at
Orders can be emailed to: [email protected]
We accept Federal Government credit cards.

FSG Schedule: 78
Sports, Promotional, Outdoor, Recreational, Trophies and Signs (Sports)

Business Size: Small
Federal ID: 82-2297804

Contract Administrator: Scott Mullane
Phone: 865.862.7888
[email protected]

For more information on ordering from Federal Supply Schedules click on the FSS Schedules button at

Any items not listed on this price list can be purchased Open Market from our current catalog.

Customer Information

1a. Special Item Number: 192-08 Fitness Equipment
1b. Lowest Price Model Number: 192-08 Item #30906, Agility Cone 6"; $1.18
1c. Hourly Rate: Not Applicable
2. Maximum Order: $ 150,000 per SIN. Orders above this amount may be accepted in accordance with the Maximum Order provisions contained in the Schedule.
3. Minimum Order: Minimum order limitation is $ 100
4. Geographic Coverage: Contiguous United States including Washington DC, Puerto Rico, U.S. Territories, and all International Government Facilities
5. Point of Production: Knoxville, TN; USA; Taiwan; Switzerland; Germany; Canada; South Korea
6. Discount: Prices shown herein are GSA net prices
7. Quantity Discounts: Only allowed on Open Market Items
8. Prompt Payment Terms: Net 30 Days
9a. Government Purchase Cards Accepted: Yes
9b. Government Purchase Cards Accepted above Micro-Purchase: Yes
10. Foreign Items: Taiwan; Switzerland; Germany; Canada; South Korea
11a. Time of Delivery: 30 Days ARO
11b. Expedited Delivery: 15 Days ARO
11c. Overnight and 2-Day Delivery: Available on in-stock items
11d. Urgent Requirement: As requested by Purchaser
12. F.O.B. Points: Origin
13a. Ordering Addresses: GSA Advantage! Website
  Email: [email protected]
  Mail: Power Systems, Inc.
Government Orders
5700 Casey Dr
Knoxville, TN 37909
  Fax: 1-800-298-2057 to attention Government Orders
  Phone: 1-800-321-6975 ext 2013 to attention to Government Orders
13b. Ordering Procedures: For supplies and services, the ordering procedures, information on Blanket purchase Agreements (BPA’s) are found in Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) 8.405-3.
14. Payment Address: Mail: Power Systems, Inc.
Accounting Department
5700 Casey Dr
Knoxville, TN 37919
  Credit: All major credit cards accepted
  Electronic: ACH and wire transfer accepted
15. Warranty Provision: Power Systems, Inc. offers a warranty of 90 Days to 3 years Parts & Labor (see price list) or in accordance with the applicable Statement of Work.
16. Export Packing Charges: N/A
17. Terms and Conditions of Government purchase card Acceptance: Accepted
18. − 24. Not Applicable
25. DUNS Number: 07-9708489
26. CCR: CCR registration current and active.


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