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Teaching Aids

Using a Fitness Manual to Train Yourself and Others
Personal trainers, group fitness instructors and other fitness professionals know what a valuable resource having a fitness manual can be. Workout equipment and exercise form can be complex for beginners to understand, but these tools are here to help you explain their use to clients. But fitness manuals are not just for trainers - they can be valuable tools for athletes too. This is why Power Systems carries an array of dynamic teaching aids for helping people of every level get fit with good form.

Why Do I Need a Fitness Manual?
If you’re studying to become certified in any fitness or therapy area, you have to have some kind of fitness teaching aid to learn from such as a book, CD-ROM or video before you take your certification exam. These manuals contain information on everything from anatomy and exercise prescription to how to build a successful fitness business. Once certified, a personal trainer may find an exercise testing manual an invaluable resource for useful worksheets to use with clients, helpful tips, as well as acting as a handy refresher over time. Manuals come in many formats to suit your needs, from books and DVD’s to online guides. You can find group exercise instruction, exercise testing and prescription guides, business guidelines and much more at

Even If You Aren’t a Trainer, You Can Use a Fitness Manual
Some types of fitness manuals are devoted to showing you how to perform exercises in their proper form to give you the greatest results while keeping you from injuring yourself. These materials can also teach you how to maximize your performance and spice up your workouts using exercise equipment or with body weight exercises in ways you never thought of before.
As you can see, fitness teaching aids and fitness manuals are not just for instructors—everyone interested in getting fit, whether a beginner or professional can benefit too. At Power Systems, we offer a wide variety of teaching aids, manuals and guides to help fitness professionals successfully train clients, fitness business owners run a lucrative business, and athletes effectively train smarter.

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