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Resistance Band Kits

Resistance Band Kits

Improve Your Strength and Range of Motion with Resistance Band Kits

Resistance bands are an excellent tool for improving muscular strength and range of motion. Resistance band kits from Power Systems are even better, because they provide multiple lengths and resistances, allowing you to gradually increase the resistance as you progress in your training. Of course, you can also decrease the resistance in case of injury or if someone newer than you will also be using the bands.

Exercise bands are made of rubber and have handles on each end. Ankle resistance bands may have a velcro strap you can easily attach to your ankles. They come in a variety of lengths and strengths to provide a comprehensive workout for anyone from a beginning exerciser to a highly-trained athlete.

What Kinds of Resistance Band Kits are Available?

Power Systems offers their latex resistance band kit in both rolls or singles. The rolls come in a dispenser box so that you can cut them to the length you desire. These bands can be used for squats, leg extensions, glutes, rows, and more. Handles are sold separately. We also have the Total Body Travel Kit, which includes five resistances and a video, and several Versa kits, from tubes to loops to cuffs, to suit any exerciser’s specific fitness objectives. Versa Tubes are one of the best resistance bands on the market. They come in a variety of resistances and premium Versa Tubes contain an extra layer of tubing on the outside as well as padded handles for more comfortable use. We also offer bulk tubing for larger facilities such as gyms, fitness centers, or athletic training centers that have a high need for workout resistance bands.

How Can My Clientele Use Resistance Band Kits Most Effectively?

Resistance band kits are great as an overall workout tool or as a complement to regular free weights or weight machines. In fact, alternating the use of workout bands and other weights is a great way to challenge your muscles and improve your progress over time. Exercise bands are also very convenient for traveling and for storage - they can fit almost anywhere! You also have the freedom of full range of motion with resistance bands, unlike with traditional weight machines.

Explore our range of resistance band kit options at Power Systems and choose a selection that’s right for you and your fitness clientele.