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Plyometric Accessories

Plyometric Accessories

Improve Your Explosive Performance with Plyometric Accessories
Plyometrics takes you back to the days of being a kid: hopping, skipping, and jumping around and enjoying every minute of it. Plyometrics is known as “jump training”, and it involves performing a series of jumps, hops, and squats. It’s great for training for tennis, basketball, volleyball or any sport that requires explosive movements. Power Systems offers a variety of plyometric accessories such as medicine balls, plyometric boxes, and other plyometric training equipment, to ensure you and your clientele get the most out of your plyometric workouts.

How Do Plyometric Accessories from Power Systems Compliment a Plyo Workout?
Most strength training exercises involve long, slow movements that focus on building muscles. However, plyometric training involves quicker, shorter movements that build speed and power. Workout equipment for plyometrics such as plyometric boxes add intensity and variety to your sessions. They also help you focus on the specific skill set you are training for with plyometrics. For example, you can squat and jump onto a plyometric box and then back off again. You can add more height or more weight to increase the challenge. 
A “backwards medicine ball throw” is a great training technique for the shoulders. You can also use other exercise equipment such as weighted vests to add difficulty to your plyometrics routine.

How Do I Incorporate Plyometric Accessories into My Fitness Facility?
By incorporating Power Systems plyometric accessories into your workouts, you’ll increase your clients’ speed, acceleration, and vertical leap, along with improving agility and cuts. We suggest offering a range of accessories at your facility, such as ankle weights, weighted vests, trampolines and also our plyometrics training video, Plyometrics by Donald A. Chu. The DVD offers the best science-based and tested drills, exercises and programs to ensure optimal performance results for every athlete at any level in any sport. You'll also find the latest research, application and recommendations for the prevention, screening and rehabilitation of injuries as well as targeted training for young athletes and female athletes. 
Explore the range of plyometric training possibilities for your gym, fitness center or rehabilitation facility. With Power Systems plyometrics exercise equipment, you’ll be offering your clientele the highest quality and most effective plyometrics workouts available.