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Mixed martial arts

Mixed Martial Arts

Excel at Martial Arts when You Invest in the MMA Gear that Pushes Your Limits
Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) combines a variety of fighting styles into a single powerful and combative game. Using a variety of top MMA gear will help you take your game to the next level by increasing your strength and endurance. At Power Systems, we offer a variety of MMA equipment to help you train in every area required for a well-balanced performance. We carry a generous line of MMA gloves, targets, shields and punching bags along with the books and videos you need to advance your skills. We have everything you need to participate in this fast-growing sport regardless of which training philosophy you decide to follow. You will also need the MMA gear required to focus on the 4 ranges which include kicking, punching, clinch and ground. Training in all four of these ranges is important for you to continue to evolve in Mixed Martial Arts and consistently increase your skill level.

Continue to Build Your Mixed Martial Arts Skills with MMA Gear and Equipment from Power Systems
A great place to start building your supply of MMA gear is with a pair of Everlast Protex2 Evergel training MMA gloves. They are designed to protect the wrists, while facilitating the passage of air. When it’s time to hit the heavy weight bags, there is no more important piece of MMA gear than a top quality pair of gloves. The right punching bag goes hand-in-hand with the gloves and the PowerForce hanging bag from Power Systems is a good choice. This piece of MMA gear gives you the advantage of not being able to knock the bag over while you practice your low and high punches and kicks. We offer you the choice of purchasing the bag and hanging stand together or either piece individually. For more customizing options, the Ultimate Sandbag allows you to add sand to adjust the weight you need for each session.

Which Style of Mixed Martial Arts Does Your MMA Gear Work Best With?
Some Mixed Martial Arts enthusiasts prefer to focus on a single discipline, getting the MMA gear that is appropriate for that particular style. Those who excel in the sport know that it is important to cross-train for kickboxing, wrestling, judo, Taekwondo and numerous other disciplines. In addition to a variety of MMA gear to help you practice a variety of styles, Power Systems also has the instructional DVDs to help you learn more about the area of kickboxing and use the Ultimate sandbag for the highest level of sports conditioning. Stock up on top MMA gear and always strive to improve your performance. To succeed in the area of Mixed Martial Arts, it is essential to use the best MMA gear and focus on multiple disciplines that contribute to the MMA art. Power Systems offers a wide variety of MMA equipment to help you in your quest to consistently improve your skills and maximize the fitness benefits that come from participating in MMA workouts and competitions.