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Medicine Ball Rebounders

Medicine Ball Rebounders

Improve Your Already-Great Medicine Ball Workouts by Using a Rebounder
Medicine balls – padded, weighted balls used for health, rehabilitation, and strength training – have been around since ancient Greece. Their use is probably even more widespread today, because medicine ball workouts are increasingly used in many training facilities to create plyometric training routines – exercises that force muscles to exert their maximum force for short periods of time, to increase both power and speed.
Many of these workout routines are performed just with the medicine balls themselves, but you can increase their effectiveness and flexibility by adding another piece of equipment – a medicine ball rebounder. This allows medicine ball workouts that previously required a minimum of two people (to throw the ball to each other) to be performed by athletes exercising alone.

What Exactly Are Medicine Ball Rebounders?
Rebounders are like miniature trampolines, and in fact some of them are multi-purpose and can be used as trampolines for bouncing or running exercises. But rebounders designed for use with medicine ball sets can also be raised or lowered on one side to create an angle with the floor. Thus the rebounder becomes a target, against which you can throw the medicine ball and have it bounce back, allowing throw-and-catch routines that would not otherwise be possible for an athlete exercising on his or her own.

How do you use rebounders to create plyometric exercises?
There are many possible workout routines you can develop using medicine balls and rebounders, and if you want to learn about them, Power Systems also sells books and videos that describe them. But to give you an idea of what medicine ball training might look like, imagine that you have set up the rebounder on the floor in front of you, at a 60-degree angle to the floor. Then, holding the medicine ball above your head with both hands, you throw it as hard as you can against the rebounder and catch it as it returns.Repeat this exercise as often as desired, throwing the ball from different positions and catching it from different positions (for example, throwing the ball from your right side and catching it with your left).

How Can Power Systems Help You Develop Medicine Ball Workouts?
At Power Systems, we offer a wide range of medicine balls in various sizes, weights, and configurations. To complement them, we also offer a number of rebounders. Some easily convert to trampolines for bouncing exercises, and others fold flat for easy storage when they are not being used. But one thing you can count on is that whatever size, shape, or configuration of rebounder you need, Power Systems carries it.

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