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Group Training

Group Training

Group Fitness allows you and your clients to encourage and inspire one another to achieve more. With the Power Systems group fitness products, instructors have numerous options to create engaging and effective exercise classes. Versatile products like bands, tubing, and steps are essential to challenge people of all ages and fitness levels. Power your groups to challenge themselves with our durable and innovative group fitness equipment.

Premium Hanging Club Mat

$39.92 - $57.04

Power Systems CardioBarbell Pump Set

ProElite Pump Set w/Lock-Jaw Collars

$15.85 - $207.78

Hanging Club Mat

$35.53 - $47.93

Premium Club Mats

$45.41 - $54.84


Versa Bar Aerobic Bar Prime

$26.91 - $90.83

Collars for Premium CardioBarbell 51 in. Bar - Steel

Collars for CardioBarbell

$3.30 Sale

Original Health Club Step

$109.95 - $115.99

VersaBar (R) Aerobic Bars

Versa Bar Aerobic Bars

$9.52 - $28.51

Body Bar

Body Bar

$34.78 - $43.44

ProElite Pump Plate


Exercise Mat: Cushion and Protect with Power Systems Floor Mats

Club Mats

$30.71 - $43.22

Original Health Club Step Riser Only


Power Systems Hand Weights


Metal Wall Mounted Mat Rack

Metal Wall Mounted Mat Rack


BOSU® Home Balance Trainer


BOSU® Pro Balance Trainer

$149.95 - $159.99

The Circuit Step

$24.09 - $72.09


$49.99 - $60.99

Premium Gym Mats

Premium Gym Mat

$99.16 - $227.08

Power Systems Single Layer Club Mat

Power Systems Single Layer Club Mat


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