Fitness Assessment & Testing

Fitness Assessment & Testing

The key to a successful training routine is setting goals, measuring results, and assessing progress. Having the proper tools to do so is what will keep your clients on track to meeting their goals. Fitness assessment and testing products are vital to powering your client’s results and driving them to meet their potential. Keep on track with heart rate monitors, body fat analyzers, jump and flexibility testers, and more to improve performance and overall fitness.

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Robic Oslo 1000 Timer Split Stopwatch

Oslo 1000-W


Gulick Tape Measure


Slim Guide




Body Tape Measure




Advantage 6016 Digital Wrist, Heart, and Blood Pressure Monitor

Robic SC-522 Digital Count-Up & Countdown Timer

Robic SC-522 Digital Count-Up and Countdown Timer

$12.72 Sale
Brower TC-Gate

Brower TC-Gate


Lange Skinfold Caliper with case

6 digit timer

6 Digit Timer

Just Jump

Just Jump



Brower TC Motion Start Timer

Brower TC Timing System

Robic Twelve Memory Chrono

Robic Twelve Memory Chrono

Robic M339 3D Motion Sensor 7 Day Memory Pedometer

Robic M339 3D Motion Sensor 7 Day Memory Pedometer


Long Jump Tester


Portable AlignaBod

Novel Products Acuflex (R) I

Acuflex I


Seiko Digital Metronome DM51

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