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Evaluate Your Fitness Level with Fitness Tests
It’s incredibly satisfying to see yourself advancing on the fitness path. Exercising regularly is fundamental, but if you don’t measure your progress, how will you know if you’re improving or getting closer to your objectives? Many students start out with a solid fitness program but keep doing the same program month after month – and not surprisingly, they stop seeing added benefits. This is where fitness assessments can help. Power Systems offers a range of tools and accessories such as flexibility testers, jump testers, trackers and stopwatches, body fat calipers, counters, heart rate monitors and more. With these devices, you can set goals and monitor progress towards those goals.

What Kinds of Fitness Tests Are the Most Important?
The most important fitness tests for you will depend on the kind of exercise or sports you are performing, as well as on your personal goals for achievement. An ideal fit test is a body fat test. For example, for people who are trying to lose weight and gain muscle tone, body fat calipers are an excellent tool to use at the beginning of any exercise program and continuously to monitor progress in losing body fat. Heart rate monitors are an excellent choice for those who are focused on cardiovascular activities because they provide feedback on whether you are in the most appropriate heart rate training zone for increasing cardiovascular strength or burning fat. They also help you monitor overall progress in cardiovascular fitness, because your heart rate will change over time as you become more fit. Fitness trackers such as timers and stopwatches are critical to most physical activities, because they help you set a program and meet specific, timed objectives for each activity. Fitness trackers also store your weekly and monthly progress, providing motivation to strive further.