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Core Training

Core Training

Strengthen Your Abs with an Ab Machines Including Ab Coasters
We’ve all heard a lot about “core training” recently, and you might think it mainly has to do with abdominal training. It’s true that abdominal training is a part of core training, but there’s actually much more to it. Core training includes training the whole range of muscles that stabilize and move the spine. There are inner core muscles and outer core muscles, both of which protect the spine as it moves in any direction – thus they are very important to keep strong. Unfortunately, old-fashioned crunches only work the core muscles in one way, which doesn’t train them to move well in many directions.
How can I Improve My Core Training?
Fitness experts tell us not to throw out the crunches completely, but definitely slow them down. Slow, intentional crunches do more for your abs than fast ones, especially fast ones where you’re pulling on your head instead of using your abdominal muscles. Take it slow. Next, add ab machines such as ab coasters to your core training equipment. Your local gym or fitness center probably has one, and if not, you can ask them to get one. Unlike regular crunches, which work your abdominal muscles from the top down, ab coasters work the abdominals from the bottom up and reach the lower abs, a tougher area to train. These machines also limit the stress placed on the neck and back, which can be difficult to avoid when doing crunches.
Who Should Use an Ab Coaster or Ab Machine?
You may think that ab coasters are only for elite athletes or celebrities, but that would be like saying that core training is only for elite athletes. It’s true that elite athletes such as competitive gymnasts have known about ab coasters for a long time, but now the word is getting out that everyone can benefit and enjoy better health and well-being through core training. A strong core helps prevent back pain, counters the effects of sitting for long periods and improves your ability to perform everyday activities. So, more and more people are demanding ab coasters and other ab workout machines at their fitness centers.
Power Systems offers a range of ab machines including ab coasters, ab wheels, ab gliders, core wheels, and other devices to help you with your core training. Consult our website or ask a professional at your local fitness center to help you design a core training plan that helps you achieve your personal core objectives.