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Balance Pads

Balance Pads

Improve Balance and Stability with Airex Balance Pads and Versa Balance Boards
Stability and balance training are essential to anyone looking to run faster, throw harder, or jump higher. Every sport you can imagine includes an element of balance and stability, so this type of training should be a component of every athlete’s regimen. However, balance and stability are not just for athletes. As we get older, balance and stability become critical to our usual daily activities, because of the increased likelihood of falls, which can become debilitating as we age. That’s why Power Systems offers Airex foam balance pads, Versa balance pads and balance boards. We recommend them for beginners, intermediate, and advanced exercisers because everyone can benefit from improved stability and balance.

How do Balance Boards and Airex Pads from Power Systems Work?
Balance boards are also known as “wobble boards”, and they are hard and flat with a surface to stand on. The bottom of the board is rounded so that to stand on it; you must balance carefully. Balance pads have soft, unstable surfaces that provide the same instability at the edges as they do in the middle. They help increase the degree of challenge of floor exercises. Balance trainers are used to improve coordination, restore equilibrium, and to train the whole body to work together in a comprehensive manner. The unstable surfaces add variety and difficulty to any fitness routine. You can use them for push-ups, squats, lunges, abdominals and more. Additional benefits include improved reaction time and a reduced risk of ankle sprains, possibly because the balance board helps strengthen and train the ankles.

How Can I Incorporate Balance Pads and Balance Boards into My Fitness Facility?
Balance pads and boards can be used on their own or as a complement to any fitness routine. Almost any exercise done off the board or pad can be done on it, thus increasing the difficulty of the exercise. We suggest providing Airex pads and balance boards to your clientele both in classroom situations and for individual use. Advanced exercisers might like the Bongo balance trainer, which simulates lateral and radial movements, making it ideal for more complex proprioceptive exercises. Airex pads are available in rectangular or “balance beam” shapes, and provide all levels of exercisers with added challenge to their workouts. Explore the range of balance trainers from Power Systems and we’re sure you’ll find products that meet your clientele’s needs.