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Incorporate a Weighted Vest into Cardio, Circuit or Alternative Strength Training
Adding weight to your body is a simple approach to increasing the amount of resistance you must overcome in every step of your workout. You can accomplish this without interfering with your movements by wearing a weighted vest. Achieving a high level of comfort while providing the added resistance you need is a challenge that is met by choosing the right style and weight of vest. Look at the descriptions to determine which weight vest is designed to help you increase speed, strength, or overall fitness in the area of training that you have in mind.

What Kinds of Features Differ from One Weighted Vest to the Next?
Power Systems offers a variety of weighted vests to meet a diversity of training needs. Some weight vests such as the Uni-Vest can have weights added to them for more versatility while a weighted running vest like the Speed Vest comes in a single 10-pound weight. To allow moisture to evaporate while wearing, a weighted vest should be made from breathable fabrics and/or with a breathable design. The idea behind wearing a lighter weight vest with evenly distributed weights enclosed is to increase resistance that is similar to added body weight without interfering with the way the body works naturally. It works in much the same way that going up a flight of stairs with an armload of groceries offers more resistance than walking up the stairs empty handed. The only difference is that the weighted vest is so comfortable, you don’t even have to think about having it on or hold onto it to get the benefits.

What Types of Training is a Weight Vest Good For?
Due to the distribution of the weights in the weighted vest, the added resistance increases physical performance in a number of muscle groups. Wearing the vest during cardio exercise, strength training or bodyweight exercise will cause you to use more energy and increase strength.
Power Systems has the ideal weighted vest for your training needs. Boosting your workout has never been so easy or so effective for a wide range of exercise needs. Look for the features that are right for you.

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