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Improve Balance and Stability

Improve Balance and Stability

Why should you integrate balance training into your program?

The effectiveness of balance training has been evaluated in the health and fitness industry in groups of all fitness levels from athletes to the elderly. Balance training can benefit anyone regardless of age or fitness level. Training on a single leg or another unstable surface can lead to Improvements in the brain-body connection and quicker reaction times in unstable environments.  Another side effect of balance training is an increase in strength of smaller, stabilizing musculature of the joints and core. You may also experience an increase in stability and strength of tendons and ligaments which, over time, can reduce the incidence of injury.

How do I get started?

Often your balance is challenged in many core exercises that you might already be familiar with such as a stability ball crunch or a single leg squat. However, you can integrate balance training throughout your workout with the addition of balance training tools. Power Systems offers a variety of balance training tools that allow for progression of difficulty as your stabilization ability improves over time.

Choose the balance tool that works best for you and enjoy the benefits of adding stability training to your routine.