Yoga Mats

Premium Yoga Sticky Mats

A premium yoga mat from Power Systems is one of the best yoga mats on the market for firm, cushioned support.

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$21.99 - $28.99

Premium Club Mats

Power Systems' Premium Club Mats give your clients the most comfortable and hygienic gym experience.

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$41.39 - $49.99
3 Reviews

Natural Jute Yoga Mat

This natural jute yoga mat is suitable for all types of yoga. Featuring natural jute – a strong fiber used to make durable textiles such as burlap and hemp –integrated with a durable, anti-slip mat. This mat is made from TPE (the eco-friendly alternative to PVC) and is phthalate free. Eco-friendly…

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$41.99 - $720.39
1 Review

AIREX Yoga Pilates Mats

Achieve perfect form with the comfort and durability of an AIREX Pilates Yoga Mat from Power Systems.

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Premium Hanging Club Mat

The Premium Hanging Club Mat combines the comfort of the Premium Exercise Mats with the convenience of easy storage

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$36.39 - $51.99
5 Reviews

AIREX Calyana Prime Yoga Mats

AIREX CALYANA yoga mats provide optimal grip, a large training surface, and perfect cushioning. The mats are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified.They offer optimal long-lasting grip and are 100% anti-slip. The mats do not slip on the floor during dynamic exercises, and hands and feet do not slide on the…

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…multifunctional mats offer superb cushioning and excellent durability for Pilates, yoga, fitness, and more. The nonslip surface is comfortable to the touch. Mats lay flat when in use and roll easily when the workout is over. Closed-cell structure makes this hygienically treated mat moisture…

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$57.99 - $74.39
1 Review

Reebok Studio Mat

The 0.4in thick Reebok Studio Mat provides a plush platform for all types of studio classes such as Yoga, Pilates and floor-based workouts. Formed from a single piece of 10mm thick foam, the mat retains its consistency when compressed, making it ideal for all types of exercises and routines. Holes…

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Economy Club Mats 48"x24"x1/8"

Economy Club Mats are ideal workout mats for a variety of exercises.

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1 Review

Power Systems Single Layer Club Mat

Entry level club mat to fit your facility and training needs. Lightweight and rigid construction provides for easy portability and storage. Features: * Easy to wipe clean surface * Handle for easy grip and transport * 24"W x 36"L x 1/2" thick

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Premium Gym Mat

A premium gym mat from Power Systems provides superior support for a wide range of exercises.

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$90.39 - $206.99
4 Reviews

Mat Cart

Get a movable, Exercise Mat Storage Cart to organize and air out your yoga, pilates, and club mats between group fitness classes. Black steel with casters.

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Pilates Versa Tube

Choose from two resistances, Pilates Versa-Tube is for any experience level. Work core muscles, increase flexibility and align the body. Like a mat reformer

$20.99 - $21.99
1 Review

LifeFitness Premium Yoga Mat

The LifeFitness Yoga Mat offers premium design in both look and feel.

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Wall Rack for Hanging Mats

Store and organize your hanging workout mats on a Power Systems wall rack.

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2 Reviews