Workout Glutes

Covered Resistance Tube Extra Light

Perfect for on-the-go training! Tubing is a fitness classic for a reason - you can get a full body workout with a light, portable tool. Our Covered Resistance Tubes have a stretchy black nylon sleeve to protect the tubing from nicks, cuts, and overstretching with added durability. The plastic…

$15.25 - $20.94
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Spartan Strength Band Extra Light

…and space-saving all-body exercise tool * Sturdy, seamless latex * Great for partner workouts SKILLS TO TRAIN FOR MUSCLES TRAINED OBSTACLES TO CONQUER Endurance Lats Rope Climb Muscular Strength Chest 6'-10' Walls Grip Strength Shoulders Hercules Hoist Glutes Quads Hamstrings Biceps Triceps

$11.83 - $81.28
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Dead Ball 14"

…heavy-duty slam ball. The proprietary blend construction of rubber and urethane gives this dead ball the durability to stand up to the toughest workouts, indoors and out. Marked by a tough, textured surface for grip and use with chalk. Consistent 14” diameter makes it easy to train up to the…

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$85.99 - $307.99
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Resistance Tube PLUS Extra Light

…institutional setting. The PLUS adds a Patent Pending double tube design that provides added durability and peace of mind during your tough Spartan workouts. Tubes help to strengthen muscles, improve balance, and prevent injuries OR help in recovery. Six resistance levels for any user. Plastic…

$10.69 - $16.38

WaterFit Underwater Trampoline

…as a natural form of resistance. Designed to strengthen abdominal muscles, tone and shape legs and glutes, and improve balance; the underwater trampoline provides an effective, low-impact workout that is perfect for rehabilitation patients or water enthusiasts. The underwater trampoline itself is…


Lumbar X

…a versatile piece of equipment that is designed for development of the lower back, glutes, and hamstrings. Its comfortable padding and telescoping height make it the perfect complement for an entire core workout. DIMENSIONS & WEIGHT L 50” (127 cm) x W 32” (81 cm) x H 35” (89 cm) Weight: 75 lb.…

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