Tubing Anchor

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Assist Strap

Anchor any resistance band or fitness tubing to a doorknob, doorjamb, or fixed object with the uniquely designed Assist Strap.

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Double Cords Long

No cable machine needed, w/ Double Cords Long 48", a partner or anchor point for a great workout with little expense and all the same exercises-rows & more!

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Pro Maxima PL303 Band Attachment

Sold in pairs these solid steel band attachments allow you to anchor resistance bands to your rack or cage during training. Sold in pairs.

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VITL Kit Sale


…and portable training solution can be used indoors or outdoors and is great for one-on-one or partner training. VITL Kit Includes: * 4 – 36” Slastix that stretch up to 12' * 2 – Foot Straps * 2 – Contour Handles * 1 – Universal Swivel Belt * 2 – Cloth Anchors * 5 – Agility Dots * 1 – Cinch Bag

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