Versa Tube

Versa Tube is an affordable way to work out upper and lower body with resistance and unlike bulky exercise equipment Versatube goes where you go.

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$8.39 - $54.69
3 Reviews

Strength Band

Incorporate Variety and Flexibility into Your Routine with Resistance Bands

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$10.39 - $71.39
6 Reviews

Power Softball Tube

Power Softball Tube Safely allows you to warm up & strengthen the throwing arm while reducing the incidence of shoulder injury.

Premium Versa Tube

Take strength and fitness to a new level with the Premium Versa-Tube Resistance Tube.

$9.39 - $60.69
9 Reviews

Slastix Toner Resistance Tubing

Slastix Toner Resistance Tubing uses new technology for a new era in resistance tubing

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$17.39 - $27.39
6 Reviews

Slastix Pro Resistance Tube

…incorporates a safety sleeve which encloses the latex, resistance tubing and protects it from ultraviolet light, body oils, nicks, and the cuts of daily use. Sleeves also provide insurance against the stretch limitations of the fitness tubing during resistance training. Nylon handles with padded…

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$35.69 - $46.69

Versa Tube Long

The Long Versa-Tube gives taller people the advantages of exercising with resistance bands.

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$8.99 - $58.39
2 Reviews

Versa Loops

Improve Strength and Fitness through Resistance Bands

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$3.39 - $18.99
47 Reviews

Bulk Resistance Tubing

Provide beginner and advanced exercisers with an adaptable workout with resistance tubes from Power Systems

$17.99 - $464.39
2 Reviews

Power Stepper Ankle Resistance Band

Develop strong first step quickness with stepper ankle resistance band exercises from Power Systems.

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$24.99 - $31.39
2 Reviews

Versa 8

The Versa 8 resistance band from Power Systems provides increased resistance when performing 1- and 2-arm exercises.

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$8.39 - $39.39
5 Reviews


The VITL Kit has all of the basics to introduce you and your clients to dynamic Slastix resistance band training. The VITL Kit provides for a wide variety of exercises that allow you to develop speed, strength, and power. This lightweight and portable training solution can be used indoors or…

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On the Go Gym

…and is 15% off retail. Includes: * PowerForce Medicine Ball - 10 lbs * Premium Versa Tube - Extra Light - Orange * Premium Versa Tube - Light - Lime Green * Premium Versa Tube - Medium - Red * Premium Versa Tube - Heavy - Light Blue * Versa Loop - Extra Light - Orange * Versa Loop - Light - Lime…

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$156.99 - $624.39

Premium Ultra Versa Tube

Find the best resistance bands for your needs at Power Systems.

$10.39 - $64.99