TRX Commercial Suspension Trainer

Turn your facility or training business into a powerhouse with the TRX Commercial Suspension Trainer

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TRX Pro Suspension Training Kit

Get results anywhere with the TRX Pro suspension training kit from Power Systems

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TRX S Frame

Lead group training sessions with the TRX-S frame and TRX suspension training kit.

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$823.99 - $6591.99

TRX X-Mount

Mount your TRX Suspension Trainer anywhere with Power Systems TRX-X mount.

TRX MultiMount

Space saving design provides the anchoring support for small to mid-size group training. Innovative design includes monkey bars and attachment points for your training tools.

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$720.99 - $1596.99

TRX Strength Poster

The TRX Strength Poster illustrates 12 Essential exercises to gain strength and power with the TRX Suspension Trainer.

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TRX Rip Trainer

Build strength and endurance with the TRX Rip Trainer, a unique tool that builds dynamic, full body strength.

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$18.99 - $189.99

TRX Rip Group Training Station Bundle

The Rip Group Training Station allows you to attract and retain members with Rip Training group programs in your facility. It's made of high-grade steel and accommodates up to 10 users, indoors or outdoors.


TRX Door Anchor

The TRX System Professional™ , developed by former US Navy SEALs, is a cutting-edge strength and core conditioning training tool that injects a unique stability challenge into hundreds of exercises. The suspension design translates the user´s

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TRX Home Suspension Training Kit

The TRX Home Suspension Training Kit is the suspension trainer that will work every major muscle group.

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TRX Extender

The TRX Extender allows you to anchor to any point while maintaining the recommended TRX height from the ground.  The TRX Extender is made of nylon.

TRX Essentials Cardio Circuit

TRX Essentials Cardio Circuit with rope master Buddy Lee will have you jumping like a pro in no time. This heart-pounding fusion of body-weight resistance training and cardio intervals strengthens the core and incinerates fat, making you long, lean and strong.

TRX Rip Personal Training Bundle

Rip Personal Training Bundles offer a complete setup to start training tomorrow. Includes Rip Trainer Stand and 5 TRX Rip Trainers.


TRX Essentials Flexibility

The TRX Essentials Flexibility DVD helps increase range of motion & stability for every major joint, reduce muscular tension, & improve posture.

TRX All Body Strength Advanced Poster

Additional exercises for the advanced TRX user offers more challenges for anyone who has been using the TRX & needs that extra intensity!

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