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Technique Bar

Aluminum Training Bar

Use the 28 mm diameter Aluminum Training Bar to teach the fundamentals of lifting exercises, focusing on correct form & technique rather than weight.

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Junior Bar

…your general weightlifting technique with our 10 KG, 25 mm. Junior training bar. This black zinc and stainless steel bar is ideal for general lifts due to the bushings that provide a smooth, moderate plate rotation. Shorter and lighter than our traditional Olympic bar, but still fits standard…

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Squat Bar

…weightlifting and Powerlifting technique with our 23.5 KG, 30 mm Squat Bar. This specially designed, 96.5”L stainless steel bar is ideal for helping users maintain proper squat form. End cap and band are light gray, with 23.5 KG clearly marked so you know which bar to grab. Knurling ensures a sure…

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Pro Maxima PL380 Technique Trays

Heavy steel construction trays allow you to raise the barbell off the platform when working on technical aspects of lifts. Sold in pairs.