Slam Balls

MEGA Slam Ball

Boost cardio and increase muscle mass by doing throwing exercises with the Mega Slam Ball.

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Premium Slam Ball Clearance

Premium Slam Ball

The Premium Slam Ball from Power Systems is the perfect choice for your plyometrics workout.

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$38.39 - $79.69
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ProElite Medicine Ball

ball in your hands, and won't wear off with repeated use. Made from an upgraded rubber composition for extra durability. Eleven weight options, and a sleek, all black color scheme with weights clearly marked in white. Provides a slight bounce when slammed. Diameter varies by the weight of the ball.

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ProElite Slam Ball

Bigger, heavier, and tougher – the Pro Elite Slam Ball will take your training to the next level!

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$77.99 - $279.99
Reebok Slam Ball Clearance

Reebok Slam Ball

Overhead weighted ball slams are a great exercise for working the entire body and releasing stress. The Reebok Slam Balls measure 23cm in diameter and feature a pliant, textured surface to reduce bounce and provide a better grip during workouts.

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Slam Ball

…durable, high-quality completely rubberized Spartan Slam Ball is built to take a real beating! Smaller diameter than most slam balls, this quality no-bounce, no-roll ball has been specifically designed for high-impact throwing and slamming training exercises. Uniform gray with bright white numerals…

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OCR Grip and Pull Training Kit

…* 1 - Kettlebell - 35 lbs OCR Grip and Pull - X - Large Includes: * 1 - Versa Loop Kit * 1 - XD Kevlar Sand Disc - 10 lb * 1 - Strength Band - Heavy - Purple * 1 - Kettlebell - 35 lbs * 1 - Premium Slam Ball - 20 lbs * 1 - Strength Band - Medium - Black * 2 - Rubber Octagonal Dumbbells - 20 lb

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Dead Ball 14"

Spartan Dead Ball - our heaviest, most rugged, heavy-duty slam ball. The proprietary blend construction of rubber and urethane gives this dead ball the durability to stand up to the toughest workouts, indoors and out. Marked by a tough, textured surface for grip and use with chalk. Consistent 14”…

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Tomahawk Sack

Make your medicine ball workouts more versatile. Quickly change out the medicine ball to accommodate all clients. Blast the core, legs, shoulders and arms in rotational and torsional movements. Perfect for slamming, chopping and swinging. Fits most medicine balls from 1-to-15 pounds. Rope can…

APEX Vault

…suspension trainers, and tubes. The bottom is lined with rubber to dampen noise and prevent damage. Slow-close lid is supported by a shock to prevent slamming, with holes available for padlocks. Assembly required. 23.5" W x 19.5" D x 25.5" H. Steel. Black. Coordinates well with our Pinnacle Storage…

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