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Proelite Pump

ProElite Pump Set

Shop for the ProElite Pump Set at Power Systems.

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$7.42 - $190.87
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ProElite Pump Plate

…you a feeling of how the ProElite Pump Sets and Denali Cardio Pump Set Rack can work in your facility! Not sure if this is the set for you? See our comparison blog for helpful information! Check out our YouTube playlist for sample workouts featuring the ProElite Pump Set. Features: * Durable…

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ProElite Pump Sets w/ Racks

Designed to provide your group fitness classes a bar and plate set that is superior in quality and versatility.

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$373.21 - $3,846.83
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ProElite Pump Set w/Lock-Jaw Collars

Shop for the ProElite Pump Set with Lock Jaw Collars at Power Systems.

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$16.64 - $218.17
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Studio Pump Set Sale

Studio Pump Set

…Power Systems Spring Collars OR Lock-Jaw Collars, (2) 1.25kg, (2) 2.5kg, (2) 5kg rubber plates Bar will not fit Olympic plates - but will fit our ProElite Pump plates. The Lock Jaw Hex 30mm Barbell Collar is a quick release collar upgrade option for this set and is sold separately. Item Length Width…

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ProElite Stability Ball 55cm

…easy to tell when you've added the right amount of air. Black. Two sizes available, diameter clearly marked. Sold individually. Storage options and pumps available. Features: * Black * 2 diameters available – 55 cm. and 65 cm. * Smooth dimpled surface * Heavy-duty material * Burst resistant up to…

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Denali Series Cardio Pump Rack

pump sets supporting the high traffic and flow of your most popular GroupX classes. Bars are conveniently cradled on each end of the Denali rack giving multiple access points during hectic large group classes. Six plate shelves, each with five plate pegs store up to 30 Power Systems ProElite Pump


ProElite Pump Sets w/ Lock-Jaw Collars and Racks

Designed to provide your group fitness classes a bar and plate set that is superior in quality and versatility. The plate design features a unique beveled edge with designated grip locations that form a polygon design.

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Vertical Cardio Plate Storage Sale

Vertical Cardio Plate Storage

…20 lb ProElite Pump Plate, which does not fit on our older racks. Plates, bars and collars are sold separately. Features: * 24" W x 38" H (total height) * Post is 32" H * Black steel/chrome post * Holds up to 800 lbs. * Locking casters * Perfect for overflow plates or our 20 lb ProElite Pump Plate *…

$92.42 $108.73

Urethane Cardio Dumbbell 3 lbs Pair

…Power Systems newest urethane dumbbell. Unlike any design currently on the market. Designed to set your gym apart as the ideal partner to the ProElite Pump Set. The premium urethane handle features a gentle knurling pattern for a secure grip. Unlike other studio dumbbells, the handle on our Urethane…

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