Plyo Box

Power Systems Foam Plyo Box

Each platform is covered with durable vinyl and can be stacked and secured with strong Velcro flaps on all four of the sides

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$127.39 - $1153.99
3 Reviews

Premium Power-Plyo Box

Condition your body by performing dynamic resistance exercises on plyo boxes that are solid and heavy weight.

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$152.99 - $661.99
1 Review

Power-Plyo Boxes

Plyo boxes from Power Systems can help increase your athletic power with plyometrics.

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$113.39 - $810.69
2 Reviews

3-in-1 Foam Plyo Box

Foam version of our popular wooden 3 in 1 plyo box. Solid, sturdy foam block is covered with a durable vinyl cover to minimize injury risk

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$299.00 - $459.00

Safe Edge Plyo Box

Dual construction with foam top to help prevent injury.

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$142.69 - $183.39
1 Review

Power Systems 3 in 1 Plyo Box

A Power Systems Brand! The Power Systems 3-in-1 Plyo Box is the perfect solution to training all fitness levels. It provides 3 surface heights for plyometric training all in one box. Each side of the solid wood constructions is clearly marked with an arrow and height measurement. No matter which…

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Reebok PlyoStack 3"

Ideal for plyometric training to increase explosive muscle power, The Reebok PlyoStack is made to be stable yet soft enough to avoid shin or knee injuries with foam plyo boxes secured by with Velcro straps, ensuring they don't slip when stacked.

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$133.59 - $239.99

Functional Hex Plyo 6"

…Sizes are clearly marked for ease of use. Sturdy, durable foam construction minimizes injury risk, while the non-slip vinyl casing keeps the box in place. Smaller footprint helps in areas with limited floor space or storage. Features: * Unique polygonal design for versatility * Non-slip…

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$279.00 - $579.00

Adjustable Lateral Plyo Box

Adjustable Lateral Plyo Box from Power Systems, Inc. Keep your opponent off balance. Highly durable platform trains explosive lateral movements for strong and quick direction changes. Quickly adjust sides of platform to 25°, 35°, or 45° to target all muscles of the ankle, leg, and hip.

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2-in-1 Flip and Plyo

The 2-in-1 Flip and Plyo combines the benefits of a traditional plyo box while functioning as a tire that can be used for flipping, lifting and other functional training movements.

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$899.00 - $1349.00

Plyo-Safe G2 Plyo Blocks

Develop your clients' explosive power with plyometric boxes from Power Systems.

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$1568.69 - $1883.39

OCR Kit 800 SQ.FT.

…listing for more information. Includes: 800 SQ. FT. (14-16 PEOPLE) 2 - 2 in 1 Flip & Plyo - 150lbs 2 - 2 in 1 Flip & Plyo - 250lbs 3 - Core Hammer 8lbs 3 - Core Hammer 12lbs 2 - Foam Plyo Boxes Full Set 3 - Premium Slam Ball 10lbs 3 - Premium Slam Ball 20lbs 3 - Premium Slam Ball 30lbs…

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Adjustable Step-Up Box

The Power Systems adjustable step-up box is the ideal piece of equipment for enhancing leg power and improving overall speed.

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1 Review

Pro Power Jumper

Improve vertical jump and agility with the Pro Power Jumper

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$92.99 - $411.99
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Predator Sled

…and elite fighter's dream tool, the Predator box is a push-pull sled, training station, and plyometric box all in one impressive tool. As a sled, the Predator provides up to 540 pounds of graduated pushing or pulling resistance; as a plyometric box, the Predator supplies an excellent array of…

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