Medicine Ball

Elite Power Medicine Ball

Perfect balance and durable construction guaranteed to retain its' shape. Durable, hollow, synthetic rubber with a textured surface that makes them easy to hold, toss, catch or bounce.

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$26.99 - $128.39
3 Reviews

Dynamax Medicine Ball

Build Dynamic Strength with Dynamax Medicine Balls.

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$80.00 - $165.00
5 Reviews

Basic Power Medicine Ball

Add resistance and challenge to a workout with the Power Systems Basic Medicine Ball.

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$16.99 - $91.99
1 Review

Med Ball Tree Kit

Store up to 5 medicine balls conveniently and attractively with a Power Systems medicine ball tree kit.

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$275.39 - $494.39
1 Review

MEGA Slam Ball

Boost cardio and increase muscle mass by doing throwing exercises with the Mega Slam Ball.

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$33.39 - $84.99
2 Reviews

ProElite Medicine Ball

Bold, Strong & Distinctly Different. The ProElite Med Ball has a patented concave surface texture keeps the ball in your hands, and won't wear off with repeated use. Made from an upgraded rubber composition for extra durability. Eleven weight options, and a sleek, all black color scheme with…

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$25.99 - $123.99
2 Reviews

CorBall Plus Medicine Ball

Improve fitness and strength with a CorBall Plus Medicine Ball from Power Systems.

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$44.69 - $106.69
1 Review

Hammer Strength Medicine Ball

Great for adding resistance to almost any exercisers' training regimen.

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$34.95 - $124.95

Soft Touch Medicine Ball

Add resistance and interest to your workouts with a soft medicine ball from Power Systems

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$9.99 - $16.99

Slam Ball

The durable, high-quality completely rubberized Spartan Slam Ball is built to take a real beating! Smaller diameter than most slam balls, this quality no-bounce, no-roll ball has been specifically designed for high-impact throwing and slamming training exercises. Uniform gray with bright white…

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$42.23 - $87.66
2 Reviews

XD™ Kevlar® Medicine Ball 14"

Consistent 14in diameter regardless of weight. Part of the XD Kevlar line of products.

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$89.99 - $172.69
3 Reviews

LifeFitness Medicine Ball

The incredibly durable LifeFitness Medicine Ball can be used to provide resistance for both static and dynamic exercises. The long-lasting textured surface makes it easy to hold, toss and catch.

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$34.95 - $71.95

Power Rope Ball

Develop your rotational strength and overall power with the Power Rope Ball from Power Systems.

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$50.99 - $165.69

Power Toss Football

Improve arm and grip strength with our weighted footballs. Available in 2 lb. and 3 lb. sizes (a standard football weighs 1 lb.), these footballs provide resistance in center-quarterback exchanges, hand-offs to backs, short passes to receivers, and deep snaps. Molded rubber. Color coded by weight.

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$37.39 - $43.69

APEX Vault

BRAND NEW! Keep training areas organized and ready for classes, no matter your facility type! Our new portable vault storage is a stylish, durable solution to keep your smaller fitness tools neat and convenient for classes. Interior will hold a variety of products, like dumbbells, boxing gloves,…

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