Handle Rack

Pro Maxima PL302 MultiGrip Chin Up

6 handle design option works with PL-300 and PL-500 Series racks and cages to replace the standard single grip chin up bar.


Cable Bar Storage Rack With 12 Attachment Bars

Cable Bar Storage Rack With 12 Attachment Bars stores it all- straight, press down, revolving lat, tricep press down, revolving low pulley bars, and grip handles.

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Pro Maxima PL220D Dip Attachment

Ergonomically designed with custom rubber grip handles. Works with PL-300 and PL-500 Series racks and cages.

Pull-Up Handles Sale

Pull-Up Handles

…as well as primary muscles with these movable handles. Unlike traditional lat pull-down and chin-up bars, these solid steel handles have a revolving grip. Adjust the spacing between the handles for a wider or more narrow grip. Can be hooked to most rack systems. Silver/Black. 15" L x 6" W. 5 lbs.

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$33.53 $36.22
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Vector Wall Rack Anchor

Perfect to pair with attachments for the Vector 45, Vector 60, Vector GX. Black. Sold as individual anchor - all views shown in image. Features: * 3" L x 2" W * Black metal * Attach to most fitness racks for straps or handles to any Vector

PowerWave Class Packs Wave 20 Class Pack w/ Rack - 10 Pack

…weight options available to meet all fitness levels and goals. * The weighted keystone engages core muscles while double stitched straps and handles allows for hundreds of exercise options and thermo - gel pad and grip tracks increase catabolic rate of energy release. Click HERE for some examples…

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Life Fitness Covered Resistance Tube Extra Light

…cuts, overstretching. The ergonomic plastic handles feature a textured rubber grip for stability and comfort. Five color coded resistances, clearly listed on the nylon handle straps. Interior tube is 60" long, but will stretch. Sold individually. Racks and kits available. Features: * 5 color coded…

$16.95 - $20.95

Cardio Dumbbell 20 lbs

…exclusive dumbbell here. Multiple storage options, including the Denali Vertical Dumbbell Rack, designed specially for our Cardio Dumbbell. Features: * Comfortable ergonomic handle with gentle knurling pattern * Handle is uniform size on every weight * Beveled edge prevents rolling * Color-coded by…

$13.39 - $89.69
2 Reviews
Rubber Octagonal Dumbbells 95 lb Sale

Rubber Octagonal Dumbbells 95 lb

handles provide a comfortable, stable grip. Durable construction that is ideal in frequent-use settings. Weights listed are the only ones available. Sold individually. Racks available. 2-year limited warranty. Features: * Sold individually – while supplies last * Solid steel knurled ergonomic handle

$72.20 $144.39
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…available in Class Packs for facilities, and racks are available. PowerWave Features: * Weight options available for any fitness level - Super, Spartan and Beast * Weighted keystone engages core muscles * Double stitched, removable straps and handles allow for hundreds of exercise options * Thermo…

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