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Stability Ball Training Poster Sale

Stability Ball Training Poster

Learn new ways to benefit from your stability ball and medicine ball workouts from Power Systems' Stability Ball Training Poster.

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Terra Core Balance Trainer

…tubing * Rubber base protects floors and other equipment In the box: Terra Core includes a QR CODE to access our FITNESS APP, WORKOUT DVD, EXERCISE POSTER, owner's manual, hand pump as well as the ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES of feeling great and LIVING FUNCTIONALLY FIT. WEIGHT CAPACITY IS 1,000 LBS.

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Portable AlignaBod

Backdrop grid for posture assessment. Easy and fast setup with no tools required. Quality vinyl backdrop for durability. Includes posture assessment booklet and poster showing correct posture and deviations, vinyl carrying case, aluminum base and extension rods.


Core Flyte™

…omni-directional movement. * Wide-range of use: Used by personal trainers, professional athletes, group fitness classes, and physical therapists worldwide. * Each Core Flyte Pro package includes a pair of Core Flytes and a Core Flyte workout poster. Free workout videos are available online.

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