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…with the free PowerWave Fitness App – now available on iTunes and Google Play – you will have access to goal-specific 20 minute workouts, anywhere you want to go, on your own schedule. Click Here to watch some workouts. PowerWave is not your average sandbag or Bulgarian bag -- unique features are…

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VersaFit Log Sale

VersaFit Log

VersaFit Log - This versatile training tool is great for indoor or outdoor use, functional and rotational movements, Olympic Lifts, or plyometrics. 10-50lbs

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PowerForce Heavy Bag Stand

The ultimate heavy bag stand. Holds bags of various lengths and weights.

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LifeFitness ProCurve Bag Gloves

LifeFitness Bag Gloves feature a pro-curve molded design with shock-absorbing padding for a comfortable, cushioned palm grip.

PowerForce Free Standing Bag

The Powerforce Free-Standing Bag from Power Systems provides a form of MMA training with a cardio, boxing, martial arts, or kickboxing workout like no other, and without the need to provide architectural support for a heavy hanging bag.

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Reebok Combat Grappling Bag Sale

Reebok Combat Grappling Bag

bag certainly does while increasing your cardiovascular capacity and grip strength at the same time. This is the closest thing to being in combat with another human and a must-have piece of fitness equipment for any aspiring martial artist or combat enthusiast. Features: * 4 ft. grappling bag ideal…

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PowerForce Pro-Curve Bag Gloves

These 1lb. Pro-curve punching bag gloves feature pre-shaped nubuck synthetic construction. Molded, shock-absorbing padding with cushioned palm grip. Elastic wrist strap. Open thumb.

Reebok Combat Thai Bag

The 6 ft Reebok Combat Thai Bag provides complete resiliency for high intensity combat workouts. Sturdy design allows for practice of a variety variety of boxing combinations as it keeps steady in place. Plus its leather construction ensures it can stand up to consistent use.

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Reebok Combat Upper Cut Bag

Focus on perfecting your upper cut power using the Reebok Combat Upper Cut Bag. Featuring 4 heavy duty hanging straps, the boxing bag can be relied upon to withstand the hardest strikes.


PowerForce Hanging Bag with Stand

Perfect way to utilize a hanging bag when you don't have a way to suspend heavy weight from the ceiling.


Reebok Combat Heavy Bag - 130 lbs

…fundamental elements of modern training. With the Reebok Combat fitness equipment range, this type of physical activity is now accessible to all, no matter what your fitness level or boxing experience. The Reebok heavy punch bag weighing 130 lbs. and standing 5 ft. tall is perfect for all types…

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Reebok Combat 4ft Bag 80 lbs

…Reebok Combat Bag, which weighs in at 80 lbs. kg and is 4 ft. tall, is ideal for 360 degree combat sports training. It has a high quality heavy duty leather with a soft inner filling to absorb impact through every strike. The heavy bag is a tried and tested piece of fitness equipment used…

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PowerForce Heavy Bag - 100 lbs

bag provides the opportunity for an efficient cardio workout. The heavy bag features a durable design to withstand the strongest punches and kicks even in the largest fitness clubs. Instead of the usual cotton, sand, paper and miscellaneous filling found in most heavy bags. The PowerForce Heavy Bag


PowerForce Hanging Bag - 50 lbs

Go all out with this 50lbs. hanging bag that lets you work on striking techniques without the risk of knocking the bag over.


Power Throw-Ball Baseball Size Complete Medicine Ball Set and Bag

Strengthen & rehab the shoulder with the Power Throw Ball set. Durable, small weighted balls develop dynamic strength through the throwing motion.

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