Door Anchor Strap

Vector Door Anchor

…60, Vector GX. The Door Anchor black nylon strap, 13" L x 2" W securely sewn to a 15" L x 4.5" W pad. The D ring end slips easily through the buckle on the pad, allowing users to easily adjust the size. Black. Features: * 28"L total will fit most users * 13" L x 2" W nylon strap - 15" L x 4.5" W pad…

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Jungle Gym XT Strap Xtenders

…or split unit. The two integrated handles with easy-in foot cradles make it a snap to get your feet in and out. The XT offers carbon-fiber cam buckles and non-scuff door anchors on the end of each strap. Also, the Duro-link attachment combines the two straps to transform it into a single unit.

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