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D Ring

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Metal D-Ring Yoga Strap

Ideal for stretching and assisting with body positioning in classes. These strong, cotton blend straps can assist with getting into the proper pose or position. It is also an excellent tool for increasing flexibility. Durable Metal D-ring for easily adjusting of strap length. 8' L. Available in Dark…

Vector Long Torso Strap

…45, Vector 60, Vector GX or any cable attachment machine. The Long Torso Strap is thick black nylon, looped and stitched for added durability. The D ring makes this strap perfect for a variety of exercises and movements. Black. 56" L x 2.5" W. Features: * 56"L x 2.5" W * Doubled nylon loop * Use a…

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Vector Thigh Cinch Strap

…Vector GX or any cable attachment machine. The Thigh Cinch Strap is a black nylon strap, 13" L x 2" W securely sewn to a 15" L x 4.5" W pad. The D ring end slips easily through the buckle on the pad, allowing users to easily adjust the size. Black. Features: * 28"L total will fit most users * 13"…

Predator Belt

Padded nylon waist belt with a sizable 19" x 6" pad (that's a full 1/2" thick!) reduces cutting and discomfort during heavy resistance pulls by dissipating the force over a large surface area. 3 fixed D-rings allow you to attach leads to the back or sides so you can perform forward runs, back…

Grizzly Nylon Dipping Belt

Nylon woven fabric belt with solid steel chain with D-Ring and snap closure.

Grizzly Leather Dip/Pull-Up Belt

Leather Dip/ Pull-Up Belt with solid steel chain D-ring, and snap clip closure. Use for adding weight to ones own body when performing "dips" and similar exercises.

Abdominal Crunch Strap

Perform core and ab exercises in multiple planes with the Abdominal Crunch Strap. Heavy nylon padded shoulder straps with special handles to keep hands close to the chest. D-ring attachment for selectorized cable attachment.

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Pro Waist Belt Cinch Strap Sale

Pro Waist Belt Cinch Strap

Pro Waist Belt Cinch Strap is a 4 1/2' wide nylon, neoprene padded belt with a D-ring to connect to speed and agility trainers like leap frog or sprinters.

$47.05 $52.28

Grizzly Fitness 3 in. Leather Ankle Strap

Grizzly Fitness Premium 3" Padded Leather Ankle Strap for Men and Women | Sold as Single | One-Size | Used by Pros to provide Extra Comfort and increase Max | 3” wide durable stitched Leather with soft Borg Padding | Double D-Ring Attachment | Velco closure • USED BY THE PROS TO INCREASE MAX: our…

Related Categories Vector 60