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Versa Balance Pad

Add the Power Systems Versa Balance Pad to your body weight strength training workout—the only fitness training equipment you need!

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BOSU NEXGEN Pro Balance Trainer

The Pro Balance Trainer features an updated design for new exercises and usage, the textured dome allows for more precise body positioning and targeted cueing for cardio, agility, strength, core, balance, and mobility exercises and drills.

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Mini Body Bar

The Body Bar Mini series are shorter versions of The Body Bar Classic. They can add variety to group, Pilates, yoga, martial arts, or individual exercise when weighted resistance is desired for unilateral and bilateral training. Ideal for independent arm movements.

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Body Bar

The Body Bar from Power Systems is the perfect solid steel, weighted fitness bar for all of your group aerobics classes or home use.

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Body Bar Storage Rack

Keep your Body Bars off of the floor and organized with the Body Bar Storage Rack.

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Original Body Stick

Original Body Stick helps increase circulation to muscle fibers, & disperses lactic acid.

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Body Tape Measure

Body Tape allows you to take length & circumference measurements. It's compact, self-locking design has flexible vinyl tape & a push-button release.

Mini Body Bar Storage Rack

Keep your Mini Body Bars off of the floor and organized with the Mini Body Bar Storage Rack.

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OCR Lower Body Strength Training

…strong lower body can also improve running and help prevent injuries. Our three discounted kits, ranging from $130 to $360, can help you improve your lower half before your next event. OCR Lower Body Strength - Small Includes: * 1 - Versa-Loop Kit * 1 - 3-in-1 Plyo Box OCR Lower Body Strength…

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Pro Padded Upper Body Harness

Harness is 2" wide nylon with neoprene padding, durable plastic buckle and large D-ring connector. Features: * 2" W * Adjustable * Nylon with neoprene padding * D-ring connector * Black

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Pro Maxima Outlaw CF9300 Total Body Trainer

The Outlaw Total Body Trainer is a serious piece of equipment that allows you and your clients to perform hundreds of body transforming exercises. Massive 435 lb. weight stack provides a full range of resistance for beginners to professionals.

Lebert Equalizer Yellow Sale

Lebert Equalizer Yellow

Get a total body workout with Lebert equalizer bars from Power Systems.

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Double Cords Light

Double Cords are affordable and effective for upper and lower- body workouts.

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Versa O Extra Light Sale

Versa O Extra Light

Focus on strengthening and conditioning specific areas of the body with resistance tubing from Power Systems.

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