Standard CardioBarbell Set CardioBarbell 51" Bar Only

The Standard CardioBarbell Set is an adjustable barbell system ideal for full-body workouts.

$5.39 - $106.69
2 Reviews

Pro Olympic Curl Bar

If you're looking to bulk up your arm muscles by working with heavier weights, the Power Systems Pro Olympic Curl Bar is the one for you.

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1 Review

Multi Grip Bar

Reduce stress on shoulder joints and wrists during presses using a Multi Grip Bar with 3 ergonomic, knurled hand grip options. Length: 84" Sleeve: 15 1/4"

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Deluxe CardioBarbell Rack 10 Sets and Storage Rack

Get group fitness class moving with Deluxe CardioBarbell 10 Sets. Use for barbell training or hand held plates for flyes, kick backs, and overhead presses.

$229.99 - $1612.99

Premium Olympic Bar

Power Systems' heat-treated alloy Premium Olympic Bar has all of the features you need for Olympic lifting.

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Pro Power Bar - 700 lbs Capacity

The Pro Power Bar – 700 lb. capacity is an Olympic quality weight bar that is built to last!

$229.99 - $231.99
1 Review

ProElite Pump Set Bar Only

Durable urethane plates with a hollow 5lb steel bar and spring collar allow for quick change of weights between sets

$6.39 - $165.69
4 Reviews

Pro Olympic Tricep Bar

The Pro Olympic Tricep bar is a zinc-plated alloy steel tricep bar with ball bearings, rubber grips and knurled rubber grips.

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Tsunami Bar

…are increasing against the athlete. In movements such as a ‘bench press' or ‘squat' the athlete is trained to exert a force against the flexible barbell as the force of the bar is increasing against the athlete. If the athlete is strong enough and the Tsunami Bar that is being used is stiff enough,…

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Olympic Muscle Clamps

Olympic Muscle Clamps (pair) are made of resin, more durable than plastic, easy to slide off and on any 2" diameter bar, and has easy twisting collars.

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Cambered Squat Bar

Squat And Lunge Bar at Power Systems, Inc. Cambered design helps user maintain form. Heavily padded shoulder harness with built in handgrips for comfort. Bar fits standard racks for racking and unracking during exercise.

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1 Review

Aluminum Training Bar

Use the 28 mm diameter Aluminum Training Bar to teach the fundamentals of lifting exercises, focusing on correct form & technique rather than weight.

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