Short Olympic Bar

Save space and still be able to perform Olympic-style lifts with Power Systems' short Olympic Bar.

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Deluxe CardioBarbell Rack

Deluxe CardioBarbell Set 20 Set Rack is ideal for group fitness studios. Use for classes or hand held weight training. Includes rack and set for 20 members.

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$532.69 - $2,956.69

Premium Olympic Bar

Power Systems' heat-treated alloy Premium Olympic Bar has all of the features you need for Olympic lifting.

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Standard CardioBarbell Set CardioBarbell 51" Bar Only

The Standard CardioBarbell Set is an adjustable barbell system ideal for full-body workouts.

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$5.39 - $106.69

Bumper Plate

Bumper Plates in a clean black color palette with weights measured in pounds.

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$46.69 - $93.39

Olympic Bar Holder

Vertically store bars on an Olympic Bar Holder. Each of the six 8-1/2" sleeves protects bars with PVC inserts and the weighted steel base prevents tipping.

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Diamond Pro - Select 20 kg Bar

Diamond Pro - Select 20 KG Bar

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Collars for CardioBarbell

Collars for Premium CardioBarbell 51 in. Bar - Steel

ActivMotion Bar Clearance

ActivMotion Bar

Want more information? Check out the ActivMotion Bar Spotlight in our Blog: Not Your Ordinary Fitness Bar. Filled with rolling steel weights, the ActivMotion Bar delivers a fun and effective workout experience like no other. The internal rolling weights create unstable motion that engages mind and…

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$105.58 $162.99

Pro Power Bar - 700 lbs Capacity

The Pro Power Bar – 700 lb. capacity is an Olympic quality weight bar that is built to last!

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$229.99 - $231.99
1 Review

ProElite Pump Set Bar Only

Shop for the ProElite Pump Set at Power Systems.

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$6.39 - $165.69
2 Reviews

Deluxe CardioBarbell Set Bar Only

Cardio and strength training, all in one! CardioBarbell Set was designed with group fitness in mind-rubber to protect floor, plates for handheld exercises.

$9.69 - $144.99
3 Reviews

Hex Bar

Use the Hex Bar to keep weight centered for better balance and stress reduction for your back.

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1 Review