Pro Power Bar - 700 lbs Capacity

The Pro Power Bar – 700 lb. capacity is an Olympic quality weight bar that is built to last!

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$229.99 - $231.99
1 Review

Diamond Pro IWF - 15 kg Bar

Diamond Pro - IWF 15 KG Bar

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Pro Power Bar - 1500 lbs Capacity

Dead lift heavy with Pro Power bars-1500 lb capacity. These Olympic bars feature thrust bearings for smooth spin, 32 mm diameter, and uniform knurled grips.

$301.99 - $303.99

ProElite Pump Set Bar Only

Shop for the ProElite Pump Set at Power Systems.

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$6.39 - $165.69
2 Reviews

Diamond Pro Power Bar

Diamond Pro - Power Bar

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Deluxe CardioBarbell Rack 10 Sets and Storage Rack

Get group fitness class moving with Deluxe CardioBarbell 10 Sets. Use for barbell training or hand held plates for flyes, kick backs, and overhead presses.

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$229.99 - $1,612.99

Bar Wrap Pad

Protect your cervical spine while you back squat with a Bar Wrap Pad. This black, quality 1" nylon-covered foam pad with Velcro closure measures 16" long.

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Premium Olympic Bar

Power Systems' heat-treated alloy Premium Olympic Bar has all of the features you need for Olympic lifting.


Machine Add-On Weight

Machine Add-On Weights-build strength by adding incremental weights to selectorized weight machines & dumbbells. Rubber-coated solid cast iron weights.

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$11.69 - $16.69

ProElite Pump Sets w/ Racks

Durable urethane plates with a hollow 5lb steel bar and spring collar allow for quick change of weights between sets

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$289.69 - $3,339.39
1 Review

Lock-Jaw Olympic Barbell Collar Black

NEW! Fully captured pressure pads and quick-action cams guarantee these collars won't damage plates or bars yet ensure they'll stay firmly in place. Solid frame construction for superior durability. Fits any Olympic-style bar.

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2 Reviews

CardioBarbell 51 inch Bar

UPDATED BAR! The CardioBarbell 51" bar will work with any standard plate. This 51" long steel weight bar features a durable PVC coated grip to help ensure the bar does not slip during your workout. The updated smooth, bar sleeve is 25 mm. in diameter and allows you to choose the standard collar…

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Freestyle Landmine

BRAND NEW! Use this versatile tool anywhere! Our new landmine pivot works with most Olympic bars, adds new dimension to your workout, while being portable, and easy to use - no additional rack or rig necessary! Experience the 360-degree pivot feature opening your workout to rotational exercises like…

Black Chrome 28" Curl Bar

Shop for the Black Chrome 28" Curl Bar at Power Systems.

ActivMotion Bar Clearance

ActivMotion Bar

Want more information? Check out the ActivMotion Bar Spotlight in our Blog: Not Your Ordinary Fitness Bar. Filled with rolling steel weights, the ActivMotion Bar delivers a fun and effective workout experience like no other. The internal rolling weights create unstable motion that engages mind and…

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$134.39 $162.99