Short Olympic Bar

Save space and still be able to perform Olympic-style lifts with Power Systems' short Olympic Bar.

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Pro Power Bar - 1500 lbs Capacity

Dead lift heavy with Pro Power bars-1500 lb capacity. These Olympic bars feature thrust bearings for smooth spin, 32 mm diameter, and uniform knurled grips.

$297.39 - $299.39

Premium Olympic Bar

Power Systems' heat-treated alloy Premium Olympic Bar has all of the features you need for Olympic lifting.

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Pro Power Bar - 700 lbs Capacity

The Pro Power Bar – 700 lb. capacity is an Olympic quality weight bar that is built to last!

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$226.39 - $228.39
1 Review

Diamond Pro IWF - 20 kg Bar

Diamond Pro - IWF 20 KG Bar

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Standard CardioBarbell Set

The Standard CardioBarbell Set is an adjustable barbell system ideal for full-body workouts.

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2 Reviews

Standard Spring Collar

Standard Spring Collars at Power Systems, Inc.

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2 Reviews

Deluxe CardioBarbell Set

Cardio and strength training, all in one! CardioBarbell Set was designed with group fitness in mind-rubber to protect floor, plates for handheld exercises.

3 Reviews

Aluminum Training Bar

Use the 28 mm diameter Aluminum Training Bar to teach the fundamentals of lifting exercises, focusing on correct form & technique rather than weight.

1 Review

Diamond Pro Power Bar

Diamond Pro - Power Bar

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Standard CardioBarbell 10 Sets 10 Set & Storage Rack

Maximize floor space and maintain a safe workout area; keep equipment clean and organized. Provides users with direct access to stored barbell sets. Comes with 10 barbell sets.

$367.69 - $1327.39

Diamond Pro - Select 20 kg Bar

Diamond Pro - Select 20 KG Bar

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Olympic Spring Collars

Quickly remove weight plates with 2" diameter, steel with chrome finish a Olympic Spring Collar. Sold in sets, fits any Olympic barbell. Stays secure in use

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Lock-Jaw Olympic Barbell Collar Black

NEW! Fully captured pressure pads and quick-action cams guarantee these collars won't damage plates or bars yet ensure they'll stay firmly in place. Solid frame construction for superior durability. Fits any Olympic-style bar.

1 Review

Olympic Bar Holder

Vertically store bars on an Olympic Bar Holder. Each of the six 8-1/2" sleeves protects bars with PVC inserts and the weighted steel base prevents tipping.

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