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Power Stepper <strong>Ankle</strong> Resistance Band

Power Stepper Ankle Resistance Band

Best Seller. Four challenging levels. Develop strong first-step quickness and target the hard-to-isolate inner and outer thigh muscles. Start with intermediate resistance to teach and perfect resistance band skills, and then graduate to advanced and elite exercise band workouts. Padded ankle cuffs are extra-long to accommodate most users. Features: Excellent for all-over body training Great for travel Includes one 10" long latex tube with 2 padded ankle cuffs with Velcro straps Contains Latex

Options: Intermediate

<strong>Ankle</strong>-Wrist Weights

Ankle-Wrist Weights

The unique design of the soft, fabric-covered Ankle-Wrist Weights make them suitable for wearing around the ankle or wrist. Velcro closure for easy adjustments and removal. Great option for rehab or to aid in toning/shaping your leg and arm muscles. One Size fits most. Three weight options available. Features: Color: Gray/Black Velcro closure Available in 3 different weight options - 2 lbs. pair (1 lb. each) 5 lbs. pair (2.5 lbs. each) 10 lbs. pair (5 lbs. each)

Options: 10 lbs

Water <strong>Ankle</strong> Cuffs

Water Ankle Cuffs

Add more resistance to aquatic exercise routines. Designed to be worn on the ankles, each cuff features a fully adjustable strap with a fastening clip that secures it around the ankle and under the foot. Sold in pairs. One size fits most. Made of soft, nonabrasive closed-cell foam that won't chip or absorb water. Blue/Black. Features: One size fits most Adds more resistance to aquatic exercise routines Soft, nonabrasive foam won't chip or absorb water

Pro Nylon <strong>Ankle</strong>/Wrist Strap

Pro Nylon Ankle/Wrist Strap

Best Seller. Quickly attach our Pro Nylon Ankle/Wrist Strap to any cable machine to perform upper- and lower-body exercises. The wide nylon strap and thick neoprene pad adds security and comfort when using. Features: Black nylon with adjustable Velcro closure Thick neoprene pad Comfortable D-ring attachment 17" L x 4" W (flat) One size fits most

Nylon <strong>Ankle</strong>/Wrist Strap

Nylon Ankle/Wrist Strap

Best Seller. The wide, nylon band is lined with a neoprene pad for extra comfort. Velcro closure keeps the strap secure and allows for size adjustments. Quick and easy D-ring attachment for quick attachment to any cable machine. Features: Heavy nylon strap with thick neoprene pad for comfort 2"W x 16"L Velcro closure to keep it secure Quick and easy D-ring attachment for quick attachment to any cable machine

AIREX® Balance Pad

AIREX® Balance Pad

Three options! Innovative AIREX foam is comprised of millions of small air bubbles that invite barefoot training. The yielding foam activates and sensitizes the whole body. Balance pads improve balance, strength, ankle/joint stability, stamina and coordination by adding challenge to an existing workout and aiding in rehabilitation. Elite has textured surface for improved grip. Do not wear shoes while using. Want a smaller size? Try the Mini. Need something larger? Try the XL. Features: Super soft specialty foam Destabilizing properties, ideal for adding challenge to an existing workout routine Textured surface for better grip (Balance Pad Elite, black or blue) Antibacterial agent- treated 19" L x 16" W x 2.5" H Both Elite options ship directly from the manufacturer - expedited shipping not...

Options: Elite Lava (Black) | Standard | Elite Blue

Premium Slant Board

Premium Slant Board

Stretch and strengthen your shins, calves and ankles on our extra-strong steel Premium Slant Board. The solid construction with a slip resistant surface to ensure it stays anchored during use. Features: Board adjusts to 20, 30, 35 and 40 degrees Steel with a slip-resistant surface Accommodates men's shoe sizes 20 and smaller 14" L x 14" W Black



The FITBENCH ONE™ is the flagship FitBench design that is built for small group training and HIIT workouts. FEATURES: • Soft-Closing, 8-Position Elevating Top • Locking/Unlocking Feet For 360-Degree Mobility • Cold-Rolled Steel Frame • Polyurethane Molded Top • 14 Anchor Points For FITBANDS • Internal Storage • FITROPE Slot BEST FOR: High Volume Commercial Use, HIIT Workouts, Group Training INCLUDES: 6 pairs of dumbbells: 5lb, 10lb, 15lb, 20lb, 25lb, 30lb 1 Slam Ball:15lb 2 Kettlebells: 18lb, 30lb 3 Sets of FITBANDS: includes 6 premium resistance bands with carabiners, 6 handles, 2 ankle straps in a FITBENCH sling bag DIMENSIONS (L x W x H): 46.5” x 17” x 20”

Options: ONE - Classic

BOSU® NEXGEN™ Pro Balance Trainer

BOSU® NEXGEN™ Pro Balance Trainer

BRAND NEW! The BOSU® NEXGEN™ Pro Balance Trainer – Functionality Meets Performance. Featuring an updated design for new exercises and usage, the textured dome allows for more precise body positioning and targeted cueing for cardio, agility, strength, core, balance, and mobility exercises and drills. Designed for enhanced grip with either hands or feet on the dome. Available in blue with “Made in the USA” logo, light grey rim, and a black, dually over molded platform for extra strength with a smooth, non-skid, non-marking base. Product diameter – 65 cm. or 26”. Maximum user weight limit – 350 lbs. Includes BOSU® NexGen™ Pro Balance Trainer, pump, and owner’s manual. Visit our BOSU playlist for workouts and videos! Features: New, textured markings allow for precise body positioning and cuein...