Spartan Mission:
Change 100 Million Lives.

Spartans had many things in life right; simple eating, simple but effective training and an all-out commitment to resilience. I see it as our job to push people to take that step.
-Joe De Sena, Spartan Founder & CEO

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In the sport of OCR, full body strength training is an absolute must!

To be more specific, we need to focus on OCR specific strength training. Power Systems provides all the necessary tools to build workouts that will have you out on course conquering the obstacles and terrain course designers throw at us.
- Yancy Culp, owner of, Spartan SGX Coach

About Power Systems

"Power Systems has a reputation for making quality fitness products that help transform lives, and with Spartan’s mission to create stronger, healthier individuals across the world, we couldn’t ask for a better partner,” said Spartan Founder and CEO Joe De Sena. “Spartan competitors are the toughest athletes on the planet and we look forward to introducing them to a brand that shares their dedication and passion for grit. We’re confident Spartans will welcome Power Systems equipment into their fitness routines as they work to achieve goals and overcome all obstacles in their paths."

-Joe De Sena, Spartan Founder & CEO

We're here to
Power Your Potential

At Power Systems, we couldn’t be prouder to support the Obstacle Course community. We’ve spent decades developing the most extensive line of products in the fitness industry. We deliver them quickly and accurately so you can start training right away. But we know that providing the tools is only half the equation. We also take time to understand your goals and recommend the right products for you.

As humans, we all have the potential to accomplish things we never thought possible. We take risks, make sacrifices, try, fail, and try again – all while working hard to overcome the obstacles that life has in store. But we all need someone or something that motivates us, to check us and push us, to make sure we are always moving forward towards our goals.

Something remarkable is happening in the sport of OCR. Communities are being built, both in person and online. Individuals of all abilities are coming together to form teams. Generational lines are being crossed. All driven by the challenge to reach their potential by testing limits and conquering obstacles. The most successful among us have a community providing support – and we can see that some of the strongest bonds of community are built, tested, and are thriving on the Obstacle Course.

OUR PROMISE is to always give you the support you need, to help you inspire others, and work together to POWER YOUR POTENTIAL.

- Team Power Systems


KNOXVILLE, Tenn. – August 30th, 2018 – Power Systems, a leading provider of fitness and performance products, and Spartan, the world’s largest and obstacle race and endurance brand, have partnered in a shared mission to motivate 100 million people to get off their couches and get moving.

Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) has been on the rise since 2010, offering competitors a fun and complete physical challenge. Spartan saw the need and the opportunity to make OCR more accessible and has inspired millions to join the OCR movement.

Power Systems and PlayCore, its parent company, are dedicated to building communities through play and recreation. Josh Goldman, General Manager of Power Systems, stated “OCR is play and recreation for adults and Spartan has built a fun, excuse-free fitness community. Power Systems is excited to further Spartan’s mission to motivate millions to embrace OCR to shake themselves out of the status quo.”

“Spartan is more than a race; it’s a way of life,” said Spartan Race Founder, Joe De Sena. “We believe that signing up for a race creates accountability to start training and eating healthier. We have partnered with Power Systems to help remove any excuse for not to taking the steps towards a new movement-focused lifestyle.”

The partnership with Spartan and Power Systems represents a shared mission to continue to grow the OCR community and empower more of our population to get off our couches and out of our comfort zones. Going forward, the teams will focus on shared opportunities to grow the OCR and fitness communities with Spartan Races, Power Systems products, and training programs to help everyone become Spartan Strong. Regardless of where you are in your fitness journey, Power Systems and Spartan invite you change your life through movement and set your sights on owning and overcoming your obstacles.