Introducing Power Systems’ PowerWave™

Time and health are two of our most valuable commodities, and yet, they are the ones that many of us find we are in short supply. The PowerWave™ was created to maximize both! It is an all-in-one training device paired with daily 20-minute, total body high intensity interval training programs. Increase metabolism, strength, and endurance as you train your body to burn fat during and after each session. Twenty minutes a day with a PowerWave™ is all it takes to achieve health benefits and reach your fitness goals all while you maximize your workout time.

This is not your average sandbag – the PowerWave™ has unique features built in to help you maintain proper body alignment as you maximize caloric expenditure.

PowerWave Features

The PowerWave™ is available in 3 sizes.

  • The SUPER – 15.4 lbs – Recommended for novice users at a beginning level of fitness. Use with the Wave 20 workout program to achieve muscular endurance along with a tone and lean body.
  • The SPARTAN – 26.4 lbs – Recommended for intermediate users at a base level of fitness. Use with the Wave 20 workout to achieve muscular endurance and lean muscle tone. Use with the Beast-Reps program to develop muscular strength and definition.
  • The BEAST – 44 lbs – Recommended for advanced uses at a level of fitness which requires a high output to achieve results. Use with the Beast-Reps workout to develop muscle strength and muscle mass gains.

Increase group fitness class attendance and maximize client results by adding PowerWave classes to your group programming. The PowerWave is an all-in-one specifically balanced training device complete with programming that will create a stronger, leaner clientele – 20 minutes at a time.




At the heart of the PowerWave is the Wave 20 program. This high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout features 20 rounds of functional movements that will unleash explosive core strength & physical endurance. Each metabolic workout is powered by customized music and timers specifically designed to drive maximum performance. Watch a Wave20™ class in action.



Get the muscle strength you are looking for with the lean muscle gain to match! Beast-REPS™ pairs targeted upper or lower body strength training with built in timers to control total time under tension and repetition rate. The customized music and timers are synchronized with a metronome beep prompting you when to perform each rep. The challenge comes as you strive to maintain the rep rate as the muscles fatigue. Perform each rep with precision and control and KEEP UP!

Ready to Bring the PowerWave™ to Your Facility?

Increase group fitness class attendance and maximize client results by adding PowerWave™ classes to your group programming. Fit HIIT training classes into 30 minute time slots or hold 2 classes in 1 hour by adding Wave20™ and Beast-REPS™ to you class schedule. This is a great way to maximize your group exercise classroom space and double your revenue, all while helping your members achieve their fitness goals in less than half the time!

Certified PowerWave Instructors are the key to maximizing the potential the PowerWave™ can bring to your facility. Contact Power Systems if you would like more information about becoming a certified PowerWave™ instructor or hosting a certification class for your fitness center.*

Website: www.power-systems.com/powerwave

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 800-321-6975


*additional licensing fees apply for facilities or independent personal trainers