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Grip and Pull Strength

Grip and pull strength is crucial to achieve success out on course. Many obstacles will require you to hold your bodyweight while swinging such as rope climbs, traverse walls, rigs, monkey bars, and more! To develop dynamic grip strength, choose exercises and equipment that require you to open and close your hands with each rep. We have kit options, blog posts with tips, and sample programming to help you get better results on your next race.


Core Strength

Core strength is important in all facets of fitness, but in OCR a strong core will really pull you through a race. Every obstacle you face on a course will require well-trained core muscle groups. A strong core can also improve running mechanics, balance & coordination, prevent injury, and give you the ability to maintain a strong pace over great distances. We've put together product kits, sample programming and blog posts with tips to help you get your core stronger before your next race.


Lower Body Strength

Lower body strength is critical for making that final push in climbing obstacles, heavy carries, over intense terrain, and all other obstacles that require jumping, pulling, climbing, and lifting. A strong lower body can also improve running and help prevent injuries. Our product kits, sample programming, and informative blog posts can help you improve your lower half before your next event.


Total Body Strength and Conditioning

Serious OCR competitors exhibit peak physical fitness. To really take your performance to the next level, make sure you are doing exercises that recruit multiple muscle groups and train your heart and lungs at the same time. Aerobic and anaerobic exercises are key to total body fitness. Our product kits, sample programming, and informative blog posts will work your whole body, no matter your fitness level.