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Power Systems Matching Funds Program applies to select Power Systems equipment. Power Systems Matching Funds Program will match between 30-80% of applicant’s equipment budget. To qualify for a 100% Matching Funds award the total list price for the equipment requested must exceed $300,000. Qualified applicants must provide a 50% down payment at the time the order is placed. No other offers, discounts, or special programs can be used with the Power Systems Matching Funds Program. This special matching fund offer applies to orders which include Sierra Strength Equipment, Pinnacle Storage, APEX Storage, Denali Storage, and Granite Strength and Storage Racks. Select storage with accompanying accessories packages (up to $25,000) are available with specific funding awards limits.

All applications must be validated and approved by the program administrator. Power Systems reserves the right to decline any application for the Matching Funds Program. Orders accepted by Power Systems must ship by December 15, 2021. All applications must be received by August 31, 2021. Power Systems Matching Funds can only be applied to additional Power Systems purchases and only in conjunction with the original purchase. Taxes, freight charges, shipping, construction costs, and labor/install charges are not eligible for Power Systems Matching Funds Program. Matching Funds will not be applied to the following brands/products: Airex, Axle, Brower, Concept2, Core Hammer, Demon Sled, HighBaller, HighRoller, Jacobs Ladder, Manduka, Octane, Pro Maxima, Revolver, Rubber Flooring Rolls/Tiles, Spartan, Sport Series/Circle Fitness USA, Torque, Troy, Turf Flooring, Vertimax, ViPR, WeckMethod. Power Systems reserves the right to modify offer details or products discounted without notice. Offer valid only in the United States of America and Canada.