Get Prepared for the Resolution Rush

We are fast approaching the busiest time of year for fitness professionals. While the club staff looks forward to this time of year with excitement and high expectations, the regular members tend to have the opposite reaction. They worry about the masses of new and returning members interrupting their normal routine. While you would love to add 10 new treadmills and a few more elliptical trainers to the cardio deck, you are likely limited by floor space, budget, or a combination of both. Power Systems to the rescue! We have new functional training tools and accessories that will provide new and veteran clients with a great workout away from the traditional cardio machines. There are many tools that can integrate cardio training in a resistance training workout. This type of training activates more muscle groups and increases the rate of caloric expenditure both during and after a workout! The MoveStrong Dynabell functions as a kettlebell, an ab roller, and a dumbbell all in one!  Users can quickly switch from a Dynabell swing, to an overhead shoulder press, to a roll out push up, and much more! Minimum transition time while alternating from strength to cardio exercises makes the Dynabell the perfect alternative to traditional dumbbells or cardio machines. From the makers of the BOSU, WeckMethod’s RMT Club provides a workout that will increase strength, power, and heart rate. Rotational Movement Training is the focus for exercises with the club. As a user swings the club, shifting weights within the head of the club provide momentum to each movement. The RMT club is durable and is safe to strike against padded surfaces such as the floor or a mounted heavy bag. For those who like to go above and beyond in their workouts, we suggest our newest weighted workout vest, the Hyper Vest Pro by Hyperwear. This vest features a revolutionary control system and fabric designed to eliminate the bulky feel of a weight vest. It holds 10 pounds of high-density steel weights firmly and comfortably close to the core, even during vigorous, multi-planar movements. The wicking fabric is breathable, odor resistant, and hand washable.  The Hyper Vest Pro is a unisex design available in 4 sizes (S-XL) with adjustable side cords for custom comfort. Additional weights may be purchased in 5-pound increments and added to the vest to create a customized weight from 23 pounds – 45 pounds. Maximum weight is determined by vest size. Great for individuals or small group training, Power Systems’ new Battle Rope Anchor Station can accommodate up to 12 training ropes of different sizes and types. Place a weight plate in the center for additional anchoring support for 1.5”- 2” Power Training Ropes or Beast Battle Ropes. Add the Battle Rope Anchor Station to a circuit alongside the Foam Plyo Box set, a few pairs of SKLZ Slidez, and the Core Hammer for a fun and functional workout that both new and veteran members will appreciate. While the newest functional training toys might excite your personal trainers and your regulars, they might be a bit intimidating to the new kids. So don’t forget to stock up on the traditional tools that still provide a total body workout apart from cardio and weight machines.

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resistance bands

Premium Versa Tube

$9.72 - $62.81
speed rope

Speed Rope

$3.35 - $6.61
When you need firm support under heavy loads, choose the VersaBall® PRO. It’s designed for dynamic workouts that incorporate moderate levels of resistance.

Versa Ball PRO Stability Ball

$39.73 - $53.81

ProElite Stability Ball

$62.09 - $72.44

Ultra Kettlebell

$17.81 - $128.33
Power Sytems Foam Plyo Box

Power Systems Foam Plyo Box

$133.92 - $1,212.39
Power Training Rope

Power Training Rope 2"

$175.63 - $238.04

SKLZ Slidez

MostFit Core Hammer

MostFit® Core Hammer

$189.02 - $199.02

Reebok Stability Ball

$41.40 - $51.75
RMT Club

RMT Club

$94.95 - $109.95

Foam Plyo Box

$147.31 - $1,333.63
Battle Rope Anchor Station

Battle Rope Anchor Station


CardioBarbell 51 in. Bar Only

The Beast Slastix Battle Rope

The Beast Slastix Battle Rope

$151.81 - $269.85

Climbing Rope

$124.99 - $155.99
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