Add Fitness Boot Camps to Your Programming Line Up in 2016

The New Year is a great time to add new programs to the activities calendar. It is also the perfect time of year to consider adding a fitness boot camp to the schedule. This is a great way to build a social and accountability network within your facility. Many people quit their fitness routine because either they didn’t see results or they didn’t know how to get them on their own. Group training is the most cost effective way to provide education and accountability to get back on track.

Power Systems has selected some of the most popular boot camp products to form the Indoor/Outdoor Training Kit. This kit accommodates both individuals and small groups of up to 15 people of varying fitness levels. As the name suggests, all products are suitable for indoor or outdoor use which allows the user to create their desired training environment.

So why add a boot camp? Small group training sessions with interval programming are becoming more popular each year. The American Council on Exercise (ACE) conducted a study when the fitness boot camp trend began to rise in 2008. The findings indicated that people did in fact burn more calories during a boot camp than other workouts such as cardio-kick boxing, indoor cycling, aerobic dance, and pre-programmed circuit training.

However, in a more general observation of the boot camp revolution ACE states:

Maybe the boot camp trend is still going strong because it’s not really trendy at all. The workout is simple and [in some cases] not tied to a single piece of equipment. Or maybe it’s the motivating team-orientated atmosphere that’s created as fellow exercisers ‘survive’ the workouts together.

These observations made nearly 8 years ago seem right on target as the popularity of this style of workout continues to grow exponentially each year. Now you hear terms like “Tabata Training” and “HIIT Training” which are all synonymous with a boot camp style workout.

Boot camps or training camps are a great way to build a social and accountability network. Many people quit their fitness routine because they either didn’t see results or didn’t know how to get them on their own. Putting people in groups of this type is the most cost effective way to provide them with the education and accountability they need to get back on track.

Training Cards
When training a small group, remembering what exercise comes next can sometimes be a challenge, not only for the participants, but also for the instructor. Power Systems has 20 exercise cards available for instructors to download and print. These cards provide pictures and descriptions of exercises in four categories: Flexibility, Core, Cardio, and Strength. Instructors can mix and match these cards to create a circuit training workout of their choice.  Download the training cards by clicking on the images below.

Indoor-Outdoor Training Kit Flexibility Card Indoor-Outdoor Training Kit Core Card Indoor-Outdoor Training Kit Cardio Card Indoor-Outdoor Training Kit Strength Card

Get Started
Want to start your own fitness boot camp, but not sure where to start? Check out our blog Boot Camp 101 for strategies and tips on how to plan a successful launch at your facility.

Porcari, John, Ph. D, et al. Fitness Matters. American Council on Exercise. “Drop and Give Me 20! Exclusive ACE study investigates the fitness benefits of popular boot-camp style workouts.” Vol 14. Issue 4. 2008.

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