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Coaching Management

Update Your Training Room
This spring, Power Systems launched several new, must-have products that will power your potential to create a championship season. All Power Systems strength & performance products are specifically designed to offer the long-term durability needed for use in heavy-hitting, high volume athletic training programs.
The Power Systems Bumper Plate Series offers sound dampening rubber construction to create shock absorption and limited rebounds.  The inner stainless steel ring makes it easy to slide the plates on and off the bar quickly when changing weight.
Whether you prefer LBS or KGS, we’ve got you covered. The Olympic Colored Bumper Plates feature competition colors and weights from 5 – 25 KGS. The Standard Bumper plates come in a uniform black color palette and a 10 – 55 LBS range.
The PowerForce Medicine Ball is tough enough to withstand the cross training routines of your athletes. The uniform 14” diameter will facilitate consistent form & technique while performing exercises with a variety of weight options up to 30 lbs. The coated, black vinyl shell provides a moisture and scuff resistant, textured surface for durable gripping surface. The dual construction of the inner core contains both foam and rubber which complements the exclusive outer panel design perfectly to retain the spherical shape while providing reinforced durability in high volume use.

These are just a few of the latest products from Power Systems designed to power your strength & performance training. Check out our full line of strength equipment and accessories at

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Strength Band

$10.75 - $73.89

Rubber Octagonal Dumbbell

$7.65 - $159.79
speed rope

Speed Rope

$3.35 - $6.61
Elite Power Med-ball

Elite Power Medicine Ball

$16.76 - $79.73 Sale
Pro-Vinyl Jump Rope

Pro-Vinyl Jump Rope

$12.41 - $14.48
Slam Ball

MEGA Slam Ball

$20.74 - $52.78 Sale
Pro Olympic Plates

Pro Olympic Plates

$5.58 - $62.50
Basic Power Medicine Ball

Basic Power Medicine Ball

$17.58 - $95.21

Agility Cones

$3.09 - $5.16
Step Hurdles for Agility Training Plyometrics Conditioning

Step Hurdles

$11.06 - $239.07
Core Roller

Core Roller

Power Stepper Ankle Resistance Band

Power Stepper Ankle Resistance Band

$25.86 - $32.49
Power Training Rope 1.5" dia. - Black

Power Training Ropes 1.5"

$111.77 - $150.06
Slam Ball

MEGA Slam Ball Prime

$33.39 - $84.99

Hex Bar

Diamond Pro Bumper Plate

Diamond Pro Bumper Plate

$18.22 - $100.31
Power-Plyo Box

Power-Plyo Boxes

$77.87 - $553.66 Sale

Elite Power Medicine Ball Prime

$26.99 - $128.39
Power Sytems Foam Plyo Box

Power Systems Foam Plyo Box

$133.92 - $385.42
VersaStep (R) Hurdle

Versa Step Hurdle

$9.74 - $64.84 Sale
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